42 - Motor Freight Transportation
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
42Motor Freight Transportation259,077
4212Local Trucking, Without Storage144,247
421200Local trucking, without storage112,147
42120000Local trucking, without storage112,147
421201Animal and farm product transportation services1,305
42120100Animal and farm product transportation services491
42120101Animal transport388
42120102Farm to market haulage, local389
42120103Live poultry haulage37
421202Liquid transfer services941
42120200Liquid transfer services155
42120201Liquid haulage, local459
42120202Petroleum haulage, local327
421203Lumber and timber trucking669
42120300Lumber and timber trucking212
42120301Lumber (log) trucking, local360
42120302Timber trucking, local97
421204Moving services4,334
42120400Moving services3,852
42120401Furniture moving, local: without storage433
42120402Safe moving, local49
421299Local trucking, without storage, nec24,851
42129901Baggage transfer162
42129902Coal haulage, local185
42129903Delivery service, vehicular9,378
42129904Draying, local: without storage94
42129905Dump truck haulage3,230
42129906Garbage collection and transport, no disposal1,791
42129907Hazardous waste transport246
42129908Heavy machinery transport, local383
42129909Light haulage and cartage, local7,193
42129910Mail carriers, contract1,374
42129911Star routes, local14
42129912Steel hauling, local172
42129913Truck rental with drivers629
4213Trucking, Except Local42,975
421300Trucking, except local31,298
42130000Trucking, except local31,298
421399Trucking, except local, nec11,677
42139901Automobiles, transport and delivery1,796
42139902Building materials transport275
42139903Contract haulers3,876
42139904Heavy hauling, nec2,335
42139905Heavy machinery transport325
42139906Household goods transport901
42139907Less-than-truckload (LTL)397
42139908Liquid petroleum transport, non-local326
42139909Mobile homes transport549
42139910Refrigerated products transport701
42139911Trailer or container on flat car (TOFC/COFC)196
4214Local Trucking With Storage8,484
421400Local trucking with storage7,129
42140000Local trucking with storage7,129
421499Local trucking with storage, nec1,355
42149901Furniture moving and storage, local602
42149902Household goods moving and storage, local753
4215Courier Services, Except By Air12,868
421500Courier services, except by air5,292
42150000Courier services, except by air5,292
421599Courier services, except by air, nec7,576
42159901Bicycle delivery service28
42159902Motorcycle delivery service33
42159903Package delivery, vehicular6,486
42159904Parcel delivery, vehicular1,029
4221Farm Product Warehousing and Storage1,000
422100Farm product warehousing and storage379
42210000Farm product warehousing and storage379
422101Elevator storage468
42210100Elevator storage36
42210101Bean elevator17
42210102Grain elevator, storage only415
422199Farm product warehousing and storage, nec153
42219901Cotton compresses and warehouses103
42219902Potato cellars4
42219903Tobacco warehousing and storage41
42219904Wool and mohair warehousing5
4222Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage1,230
422200Refrigerated warehousing and storage307
42220000Refrigerated warehousing and storage307
422299Refrigerated warehousing and storage, nec923
42229901Cheese warehouse19
42229902Storage, frozen or refrigerated goods213
42229903Warehousing, cold storage or refrigerated691
4225General Warehousing and Storage35,812
422500General warehousing and storage18,717
42250000General warehousing and storage18,717
422599General warehousing and storage, nec17,095
42259901General warehousing4,980
42259902Miniwarehouse, warehousing4,107
42259903Warehousing, self storage8,008
4226Special Warehousing and Storage, Nec10,259
422600Special warehousing and storage, nec7,174
42260000Special warehousing and storage, nec7,174
422601Liquid storage252
42260100Liquid storage97
42260101Oil and gasoline storage caverns for hire52
42260102Petroleum and chemical bulk stations and terminals for hire93
42260103Whiskey warehousing10
422602Household goods and furniture storage1,819
42260200Household goods and furniture storage1,568
42260201Furniture storage, without local trucking41
42260202Household goods, warehousing210
422699Special warehousing and storage, nec, nec1,014
42269901Automobile dead storage108
42269902Document and office records storage789
42269903Fur storage8
42269904Lumber terminal (storage for hire)12
42269905Storage of goods at foreign trade zones58
42269906Textile warehousing39
4231Trucking Terminal Facilities2,202
423100Trucking terminal facilities2,202
42310000Trucking terminal facilities2,202