SIC Industry Description

Industry: 4212—Local Trucking Without Storage
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing trucking or transfer services without storage for freight generally weighing more than 100 pounds, in a single municipality, contiguous municipalities, or a municipality and its suburban areas. Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing local courier services for letters, parcels, and packages generally weighing less than 100 pounds are classified in Industry 4215; those engaged in collecting and disposing of refuse by processing or destruction of materials are classified in Industry 4953; those engaged in removing overburden from mines or quarries are classified in Division B, Mining; and construction contractors hauling dirt and rock as a part of their construction activity are classified in Division C, Construction.

Baggage transferLocal trucking, without storage
Carting, by truck or horse drawn wagonLog trucking
Debris removal, local carting onlyMail carriers, bulk, contract: local
Draying, local: without storageRefuse, local collecting and transporting: without disposal
Farm to market haulingRental of trucks with drivers
Furniture moving, local: without storageSafe moving, local
Garbage, local collecting and transporting: without disposalStar routes, local
Hauling live animals, localTruck rental for local use, with drivers
Hauling, by dump truckTrucking timber
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
4212Local Trucking, Without Storage165,523
421200Local trucking, without storage125,444
42120000Local trucking, without storage125,444
421201Animal and farm product transportation services1,521
42120100Animal and farm product transportation services629
42120101Animal transport439
42120102Farm to market haulage, local413
42120103Live poultry haulage40
421202Liquid transfer services993
42120200Liquid transfer services156
42120201Liquid haulage, local493
42120202Petroleum haulage, local344
421203Lumber and timber trucking972
42120300Lumber and timber trucking240
42120301Lumber (log) trucking, local609
42120302Timber trucking, local123
421204Moving services6,548
42120400Moving services6,068
42120401Furniture moving, local: without storage434
42120402Safe moving, local46
421299Local trucking, without storage, nec30,045
42129901Baggage transfer185
42129902Coal haulage, local210
42129903Delivery service, vehicular10,423
42129904Draying, local: without storage88
42129905Dump truck haulage4,811
42129906Garbage collection and transport, no disposal1,881
42129907Hazardous waste transport264
42129908Heavy machinery transport, local382
42129909Light haulage and cartage, local9,515
42129910Mail carriers, contract1,221
42129911Star routes, local12
42129912Steel hauling, local237
42129913Truck rental with drivers816