SIC Industry Description

Industry: 4221—Farm Product Warehousing and Storage
Establishments primarily engaged in the warehousing and storage of farm products. Establishments primarily engaged in refrigerated warehousing are classified in Industry 4222.

Bean elevators, except salesPotato cellars
Cotton compresses and warehousesTobacco warehousing and storage
Farm product warehousing and storage, other than cold storageWool and mohair warehousing
Grain elevators, storage only
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
4221Farm Product Warehousing and Storage826
422100Farm product warehousing and storage321
42210000Farm product warehousing and storage321
422101Elevator storage379
42210100Elevator storage21
42210101Bean elevator13
42210102Grain elevator, storage only345
422199Farm product warehousing and storage, nec126
42219901Cotton compresses and warehouses87
42219902Potato cellars4
42219903Tobacco warehousing and storage32
42219904Wool and mohair warehousing3