Industry: 4822—Telegraph and Other Message Communications
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing telegraph and other nonvocal message communications services, such as cablegram, electronic mail, and facsimile transmission services.

Cablegram servicesTelegram services
Electronic mail servicesTelegraph cable services
Facsimile transmission servicesTelegraph services
Mailgram servicesTeletypewriter services
Photograph transmission servicesTelex services
Radio telegraph services
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
4822Telegraph and Other Communications595
482200Telegraph and other communications207
48220000Telegraph and other communications207
482201Photographic message services10
48220100Photographic message services6
48220101Photograph transmission services3
48220102Telephoto services1
482202Cable, telegram, and telex services180
48220200Cable, telegram, and telex services27
48220201Cablegram service5
48220202Mailgram services14
48220203Radio telegraph services4
48220204Telegram services23
48220205Telegraph cable services, land or submarine6
48220206Telegraph services30
48220207Teletypewriter services66
48220208Telex services5
482299Telegraph and other communications, nec198
48229901Electronic mail33
48229902Facsimile transmission services123
48229903Nonvocal message communications40
48229904Stock ticker service0
48229905Transradio press service2