SIC Industry Description

Industry: 4813—Telephone Communications, Except Radiotelephone
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing telephone voice and data communications, except radiotelephone and telephone answering services. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in leasing telephone lines or other methods of telephone transmission, such as optical fiber lines and microwave or satellite facilities, and reselling the use of such methods to others. Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing radiotelephone communications are classified in Industry 4812, and those furnishing telephone answering services are classified in Services, Industry 7389.

Data telephone communicationsLong distance telephone communications
Local telephone communications, except radio telephoneVoice telephone communications, except radio telephone
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
4813Telephone Communication, Except Radio30,995
481300Telephone communication, except radio10,905
48130000Telephone communication, except radio10,905
481301Local and long distance telephone communications6,472
48130100Local and long distance telephone communications3,509
48130101Data telephone communications454
48130102Local telephone communications1,351
48130103Long distance telephone communications731
48130104Voice telephone communications427
481302Online service providers12,928
48130200Online service providers2,992
48130201Internet connectivity services5,379
48130202Internet host services3,928
48130203Proprietary online service networks464
48130204Web search portals165
481399Telephone communication, except radio, nec690
48139901Telephone cable service, land or submarine106
48139902Wire telephone72
48139903Telephone/video communications216
48139904Telephone communications broker296