45 - Transportation by Air
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
45Transportation by Air20,878
4512Air Transportation, Scheduled2,200
451200Air transportation, scheduled718
45120000Air transportation, scheduled718
451299Air transportation, scheduled, nec1,482
45129901Air cargo carrier, scheduled544
45129902Air passenger carrier, scheduled708
45129903Helicopter carrier, scheduled230
4513Air Courier Services1,698
451300Air courier services1,024
45130000Air courier services1,024
451399Air courier services, nec674
45139901Letter delivery, private air153
45139902Package delivery, private air482
45139903Parcel delivery, private air39
4522Air Transportation, Nonscheduled2,240
452200Air transportation, nonscheduled632
45220000Air transportation, nonscheduled632
452201Nonscheduled charter services988
45220100Nonscheduled charter services154
45220101Air passenger carriers, nonscheduled125
45220102Flying charter service648
45220103Sightseeing airplane service61
452299Air transportation, nonscheduled, nec620
45229901Air cargo carriers, nonscheduled84
45229902Air taxis80
45229903Ambulance services, air258
45229904Helicopter carriers, nonscheduled198
4581Airports, Flying Fields, and Services14,740
458100Airports, flying fields, and services8,096
45810000Airports, flying fields, and services8,096
458101Hangars and other aircraft storage facilities274
45810100Hangars and other aircraft storage facilities96
45810101Aircraft storage at airports49
45810102Airport hangar rental68
45810103Hangar operation61
458102Aircraft maintenance and repair services3,087
45810200Aircraft maintenance and repair services1,778
45810201Aircraft cleaning and janitorial service435
45810202Aircraft servicing and repairing838
45810203Aircraft upholstery repair36
458103Airports and flying fields2,743
45810300Airports and flying fields70
45810302Flying field, except those maintained by clubs12
45810303Military flying field12
458199Airports, flying fields, and services, nec540
45819901Air freight handling at airports151
45819902Airport control tower operation, except government33
45819903Airport leasing, if operating airport35
45819904Airport terminal services222
45819905Airfreight loading and unloading services52
45819906Fixed base operator47