SIC Industry Description

Industry: 4581—Airports, Flying Fields, and Airport Terminal Services
Establishments primarily engaged in operating and maintaining airports and flying fields; in servicing, repairing (except on a factory basis), maintaining, and storing aircraft; and in furnishing coordinated handling services for airfreight or passengers at airports. This industry also includes private establishments primarily engaged in air traffic control operations. Government air traffic control operations are classified in Public Administration, Industry 9621. Aircraft modification centers and establishments primarily engaged in factory type overhaul of aircraft are classified in Manufacturing, Major Group 37, and flying fields maintained by aviation clubs are classified in Services, Industry 7997.

Air traffic control, except governmentAirport hangar rental
Aircraft cleaning and janitorial serviceAirport leasing, if operating airport
Aircraft servicing and repairing, except on a factory basisAirport terminal services
Aircraft storage at airportsAirports
Aircraft upholstery repairFlying fields, except those maintained by aviation clubs
Airfreight handling at airportsHangar operation
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
4581Airports, Flying Fields, and Services18,106
458100Airports, flying fields, and services9,154
45810000Airports, flying fields, and services9,154
458101Hangars and other aircraft storage facilities235
45810100Hangars and other aircraft storage facilities89
45810101Aircraft storage at airports39
45810102Airport hangar rental62
45810103Hangar operation45
458102Aircraft maintenance and repair services4,044
45810200Aircraft maintenance and repair services2,128
45810201Aircraft cleaning and janitorial service373
45810202Aircraft servicing and repairing1,510
45810203Aircraft upholstery repair33
458103Airports and flying fields4,181
45810300Airports and flying fields36
45810302Flying field, except those maintained by clubs11
45810303Military flying field10
458199Airports, flying fields, and services, nec492
45819901Air freight handling at airports127
45819902Airport control tower operation, except government24
45819903Airport leasing, if operating airport31
45819904Airport terminal services205
45819905Airfreight loading and unloading services54
45819906Fixed base operator51