Industry: 4522—Air Transportation, Nonscheduled
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing nonscheduled air transportation. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in furnishing airplane sight-seeing services, air taxi services and helicopter passenger transportation services to, from, or between local airports, whether or not scheduled.

Air cargo carriers, nonscheduledAmbulance services, air
Air passenger carriers, nonscheduledFlying charter services
Air taxi servicesHelicopter carriers
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
4522Air Transportation, Nonscheduled2,240
452200Air transportation, nonscheduled632
45220000Air transportation, nonscheduled632
452201Nonscheduled charter services988
45220100Nonscheduled charter services154
45220101Air passenger carriers, nonscheduled125
45220102Flying charter service648
45220103Sightseeing airplane service61
452299Air transportation, nonscheduled, nec620
45229901Air cargo carriers, nonscheduled84
45229902Air taxis80
45229903Ambulance services, air258
45229904Helicopter carriers, nonscheduled198