SIC Industry Description

Industry: 4424—Deep Sea Domestic Transportation of Freight
Establishments primarily engaged in operating vessels for the transportation of freight on the deep seas between ports of the United States, the Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, and United States island possessions or protectorates. Also included are operations limited to the coasts of Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Establishments performing transportation of freight on the intracoastal waterways paralleling the Atlantic and Gulf coasts are classified in Industry 4449.

Coastwise transportation of freightIntercoastal transportation of freight
Domestic freight transportation, deep seaWater transportation of freight to noncontiguous territories
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
4424Deep Sea Domestic Transportation of Freight370
442400Deep sea domestic transportation of freight142
44240000Deep sea domestic transportation of freight142
442499Deep sea domestic transportation of freight, nec228
44249901Coastwise transportation, freight61
44249902Intercoastal transportation, freight134
44249903Water transportation to noncontiguous territories, freight33