Industry: 4499—Water Transportation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing miscellaneous services incidental to water transportation, not elsewhere classified, such as lighterage, boat hiring, except for pleasure; chartering of vessels; canal operation; ship cleaning, except hold cleaning; and steamship leasing. Establishments primarily engaged in ship hold cleaning are classified in Industry 4491; and those primarily engaged in the operation of charter or party fishing boats or rental of small recreational boats are classified in Services, Industry 7999.

Boat cleaningMarine railways for drydocking, operation of
Boat hiring, except pleasureMarine salvaging
Boat livery, except pleasureMarine surveyors, except cargo
Boat rental, commercialMarine wrecking: ships for scrap
Canal operationPiloting vessels in and out of harbors
Cargo salvaging, from distressed vesselsShip cleaning, except hold cleaning
Chartering of commercial boatsShip registers: survey and classification of ships and marine
Dismantling shipsSteamship leasing
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
4499Water Transportation Services, Nec2,510
449900Water transportation services,311
44990000Water transportation services,311
449901Marine salvaging and surveying services421
44990100Marine salvaging and surveying services76
44990101Marine salvaging47
44990102Marine surveyors279
44990103Salvaging, distressed vessels and cargoes19
449902Water transportation cleaning services254
44990200Water transportation cleaning services109
44990201Boat cleaning122
44990202Ship cleaning23
449903Boat and ship rental and leasing, except pleasure1,356
44990300Boat and ship rental and leasing, except pleasure249
44990301Boat hiring, except pleasure13
44990302Boat livery, except pleasure9
44990303Boat rental, commercial377
44990304Chartering of commercial boats690
44990305Steamship leasing18
449904Marine dismantling and scrapping services24
44990400Marine dismantling and scrapping services10
44990401Marine wrecking ships for scrap5
44990402Ship dismantling9
449999Water transportation services, nec, nec144
44999901Boathouses, commercial41
44999902Canal operation23
44999904Piloting vessels in and out of harbors63
44999905Ship registers11