Industry: 4731—Arrangement of Transportation of Freight and Cargo
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing shipping information and acting as agents in arranging transportation for freight and cargo. Also included in this industry are freight forwarders which undertake the transportation of goods from the shippers to receivers for a charge covering the entire transportation, and, in turn, make use of the services of other transportation establishments as instrumentalities in effecting delivery.

Agents, shippingFreight consolidation
Auditors, freight rateFreight forwarding
Brokers, shippingFreight rate auditors
Brokers, transportationFreight rate information service
Consultants, tariffShipping documents preparation
Customhouse brokersTariff consultant
Customs clearance of freightTariff rate information service
Domestic forwardingTransport clearinghouse
Foreign forwardingTransportation rate services
Freight agencies, railroad: not operated by railroad companies
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
4731Freight Transportation Arrangement35,599
473100Freight transportation arrangement14,574
47310000Freight transportation arrangement14,574
473101Transportation agents and brokers9,450
47310100Transportation agents and brokers2,488
47310101Agents, shipping1,190
47310102Brokers, shipping1,601
47310103Customhouse brokers1,297
47310104Truck transportation brokers2,874
473102Freight forwarding10,944
47310200Freight forwarding8,512
47310201Domestic freight forwarding892
47310202Foreign freight forwarding1,540
473199Freight transportation arrangement, nec631
47319901Customs clearance of freight164
47319902Freight consolidation167
47319903Freight rate information service60
47319904Railroad freight agency93
47319905Shipping documents preparation128
47319906Transport clearinghouse19