Standard Industrial Code Divisions

Major Group: 44—Water Transportation

This major group includes establishments engaged in freight and passenger transportation on the open seas or inland waters, and establishments furnishing such incidental services as lighterage, towing, and canal operation. This major group also includes excursion boats, sight-seeing boats, and water taxis. Cargo handling operations when carried on by transportation companies and separately reported are classified in Industry 4491. When separate reports for cargo handling are not available, these operations are classified with the transportation establishment. Establishments engaged in the operation of charter or party fishing boats are classified in Services, Industry 7999.

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
Industry Group 441: Deep Sea Foreign Transportation Of Freight
4412Deep Sea Foreign Transportation of Freight740
Industry Group 442: Deep Sea Domestic Transportation Of Freight
4424Deep Sea Domestic Transportation of Freight371
Industry Group 443: Freight Transportation On The Great Lakes—St. Lawrence Seaway
4432Freight Transportation on the Great Lakes—St. Lawrence Seaway176
Industry Group 444: Water Transportation Of Freight, Not Elsewhere Classified
4449Water Transportation of Freight, Not Elsewhere Classified3,106
Industry Group 448: Water Transportation Of Passengers
4481Deep Sea Transportation of Passengers, Except by Ferry205
4489Water Transportation of Passengers, Not Elsewhere Classified585
Industry Group 449: Services Incidental To Water Transportation
4491Marine Cargo Handling1,201
4492Towing and Tugboat Services1,023
4499Water Transportation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified2,376