Industry: 4492—Towing and Tugboat Services
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing marine towing and tugboat services in the performance of auxiliary or terminal services in harbor areas. The vessels used in performing these services do not carry cargo or passengers.

Docking of ocean vesselsTugboat service
Shifting of floating equipment within harborsUndocking of ocean vessels
Towing services, marine
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
4492Towing and Tugboat Service1,138
449200Towing and tugboat service657
44920000Towing and tugboat service657
449299Towing and tugboat service, nec481
44929901Docking of ocean vessels30
44929902Marine towing services314
44929903Shifting of floating equipment within harbors8
44929904Tugboat service125
44929905Undocking of ocean vessels4