34 - Fabricated Metal Prdcts, Except Machinery & Transport Eqpmnt
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
34Fabricated Metal Prdcts, Except Machinery & Transport Eqpmnt49,332
3411Metal Cans430
341100Metal cans237
34110000Metal cans237
341101Food and beverage containers98
34110100Food and beverage containers71
34110101Beer cans, metal11
34110102Beverage cans, metal: except beer5
34110103Food containers, metal11
341199Metal cans, nec95
34119901Aluminum cans40
34119902Can lids and ends, metal15
34119903Oil cans, metal2
34119904Pails, except shipping: metal2
34119905Pans, tinned1
34119906Tin cans35
3412Metal Barrels, Drums, and Pails117
341200Metal barrels, drums, and pails74
34120000Metal barrels, drums, and pails74
341299Metal barrels, drums, and pails, nec43
34129901Barrels, shipping: metal20
34129902Drums, shipping: metal18
34129903Milk (fluid) shipping containers, metal1
34129904Pails, shipping: metal4
342101Table and food cutlery, including butchers'1,267
34210100Table and food cutlery, including butchers'998
34210101Carving sets4
34210103Knife blades and blanks145
34210104Knives: butchers', hunting, pocket, etc.64
34210106Table cutlery, except with handles of metal4
342102Scissors, shears, clippers, snips, and similar tools56
34210200Scissors, shears, clippers, snips, and similar tools26
34210201Clippers, fingernail and toenail11
34210202Hedge shears or trimmers, except power1
34210203Scissors, hand11
34210204Shears, hand7
34210205Snips, tinners'0
342199Cutlery, nec228
34219901Razor blades and razors42
3423Hand and Edge Tools, Nec1,387
342300Hand and edge tools, nec416
34230000Hand and edge tools, nec416
342301Garden and farm tools, including shovels68
34230100Garden and farm tools, including shovels58
34230101Hooks: bush, grass, baling, husking, etc.5
34230102Shovels, spades (hand tools)5
342302Soldering tools19
34230200Soldering tools7
34230201Soldering guns or tools, hand: electric9
34230202Soldering irons or coppers3
342399Hand and edge tools, nec, nec884
34239901Axes and hatchets11
34239902Blow torches6
34239903Can openers, not electric3
34239904Carpenters' hand tools, except saws: levels, chisels, etc.138
34239905Carpet layers' hand tools14
34239906Caulking tools, hand6
34239907Cutters, glass14
34239908Cutting dies, except metal cutting38
34239909Drills, hand4
34239910Edge tools for woodworking: augers, bits, gimlets, etc.34
34239911Engravers' tools, hand45
34239912Hammers (hand tools)21
34239913Ironworkers' hand tools19
34239914Jacks: lifting, screw, or ratchet (hand tools)16
34239915Jewelers' hand tools221
34239916Knives, agricultural or industrial40
34239917Leaf skimmers or swimming pool rakes8
34239919Masons' hand tools19
34239920Mechanics' hand tools71
34239921Plumbers' hand tools48
34239922Rules or rulers, metal9
34239923Screw drivers, pliers, chisels, etc. (hand tools)25
34239924Stonecutters' hand tools10
34239925Taxidermist tools and equipment10
34239927Tools or equipment for use with sporting arms27
34239928Wrenches, hand tools26
3425Saw Blades and Handsaws149
342500Saw blades and handsaws78
34250000Saw blades and handsaws78
342599Saw blades and handsaws, nec71
34259901Saw blades, chain type6
34259902Saw blades, for hand or power saws27
34259903Saws, hand: metalworking or woodworking38
3429Hardware, Nec1,861
342900Hardware, nec473
34290000Hardware, nec473
342901Furniture, builders' and other household hardware372
34290100Furniture, builders' and other household hardware66
34290101Builders' hardware84
34290102Cabinet hardware84
34290103Door opening and closing devices, except electrical28
34290104Fireplace equipment, hardware: andirons, grates, screens43
34290105Furniture hardware58
34290106Hangers, wall hardware9
342902Keys, locks, and related hardware415
34290200Keys, locks, and related hardware185
34290201Door locks, bolts, and checks44
34290202Keys and key blanks22
34290203Locks or lock sets130
34290205Time locks5
34290206Security cable locking system19
342903Motor vehicle hardware90
34290300Motor vehicle hardware51
34290301Bicycle racks, automotive32
34290302Luggage racks, car top4
34290303Ski racks, automotive3
342904Aircraft & marine hardware, inc. pulleys & similar items269
34290400Aircraft & marine hardware, inc. pulleys & similar items16
34290401Aircraft hardware79
34290402Marine hardware157
34290403Pulleys, metal15
34290404Tackle blocks, metal2
342905Clamps, couplings, nozzles, and other metal hose fittings104
34290500Clamps, couplings, nozzles, and other metal hose fittings23
34290501Clamps and couplings, hose20
34290502Clamps, metal53
34290503Nozzles, fire fighting8
342999Hardware, nec, nec138
34299901Animal traps, iron or steel24
34299902Casket hardware4
34299903Crab traps, steel7
34299904Handcuffs and leg irons8
34299905Harness hardware4
34299906Ice chests or coolers, portable, except foam plastic9
34299907Luggage hardware5
34299908Metal fasteners58
34299909Organ hardware0
34299910Parachute hardware7
34299911Piano hardware2
34299912Saddlery hardware5
34299913Vacuum bottles or jugs5
3431Metal Sanitary Ware188
343100Metal sanitary ware30
34310000Metal sanitary ware30
343101Bathroom fixtures, including sinks111
34310100Bathroom fixtures, including sinks50
34310101Bathtubs: enameled iron, cast iron, or pressed metal15
34310102Lavatories, enameled iron or other metal2
34310103Shower stalls, metal15
34310104Sinks: enameled iron, cast iron, or pressed metal28
34310105Urinals: enameled iron, cast iron or pressed metal1
343199Metal sanitary ware, nec47
34319901Drinking fountains, metal8
34319903Plumbing fixtures: enameled iron, cast iron,or pressed metal26
34319904Portable chemical toilets, metal13
3432Plumbing Fixture Fittings and Trim523
343200Plumbing fixture fittings and trim328
34320000Plumbing fixture fittings and trim328
343299Plumbing fixture fittings and trim, nec195
34329901Faucets and spigots, metal and plastic27
34329902Lawn hose nozzles and sprinklers86
34329903Plastic plumbing fixture fittings, assembly45
34329904Plumbers' brass goods: drain cocks, faucets, spigots, etc.37
3433Heating Equipment, Except Electric734
343300Heating equipment, except electric252
34330000Heating equipment, except electric252
343301Burners, furnaces, boilers, and strokers137
34330100Burners, furnaces, boilers, and strokers43
34330101Boilers, low-pressure heating: steam or hot water38
34330102Furnaces, domestic steam or hot water2
34330103Gas burners, domestic8
34330104Gas burners, industrial17
34330105Gas-oil burners, combination3
34330106Oil burners, domestic or industrial17
34330107Stokers, mechanical: domestic or industrial9
343302Room and wall heaters, including radiators56
34330200Room and wall heaters, including radiators7
34330201Logs, gas fireplace25
34330202Radiators, except electric9
34330203Room heaters, except electric0
34330204Room heaters, gas2
34330205Space heaters, except electric6
34330206Unit heaters, domestic6
34330207Wall heaters, except electric1
343399Heating equipment, except electric, nec289
34339901Gas infrared heating units18
34339902Heaters, swimming pool: oil or gas12
34339904Solar heaters and collectors202
34339905Steam heating apparatus12
34339906Stoves, wood and coal burning44
3441Fabricated Structural Metal5,795
344100Fabricated structural metal5,132
34410000Fabricated structural metal5,132
344101Fabricated structural metal for ships64
34410100Fabricated structural metal for ships33
34410101Boat and barge sections, prefabricated metal25
34410102Ship sections, prefabricated metal6
344102Fabricated structural metal for bridges56
34410200Fabricated structural metal for bridges40
34410201Bridge sections, prefabricated, highway16
34410202Bridge sections, prefabricated, railway0
344199Fabricated structural metal, nec543
34419901Building components, structural steel345
34419902Dam gates, metal plate14
34419903Expansion joints (structural shapes), iron or steel44
34419904Floor jacks, metal3
34419905Floor posts, adjustable: metal3
34419906Joists, open web steel: long-span series28
34419907Railroad car racks, for transporting vehicles: steel27
34419908Tower sections, radio and television transmission79
3442Metal Doors, Sash, and Trim1,682
344200Metal doors, sash, and trim310
34420000Metal doors, sash, and trim310
344201Window and door frames268
34420100Window and door frames201
34420101Casements, aluminum18
34420102Sash, door or window: metal48
34420103Window spacers1
344202Louvers, shutters, jalousies, and similar items229
34420200Louvers, shutters, jalousies, and similar items31
34420201Jalousies, metal0
34420202Louver doors, metal2
34420203Louver windows, metal6
34420204Shutters, door or window: metal190
344203Screen and storm doors and windows388
34420300Screen and storm doors and windows118
34420301Screen doors, metal42
34420302Screens, window, metal90
34420303Storm doors or windows, metal138
344204Metal doors391
34420400Metal doors189
34420401Fire doors, metal22
34420402Garage doors, overhead: metal121
34420403Hangar doors, metal12
34420404Rolling doors for industrial buildings or warehouses, metal47
344205Molding, trim, and stripping83
34420500Molding, trim, and stripping41
34420501Baseboards, metal3
34420502Moldings and trim, except automobile: metal24
34420503Weather strip, metal15
344299Metal doors, sash, and trim, nec13
34429901Store fronts, prefabricated, metal13
3443Fabricated Plate Work (boiler Shop)2,465
344300Fabricated plate work (boiler shop)590
34430000Fabricated plate work (boiler shop)590
344301Industrial vessels, tanks, and containers883
34430100Industrial vessels, tanks, and containers166
34430101Autoclaves, industrial6
34430102Bins, prefabricated metal plate18
34430103Columns (fractioning, etc.): metal plate1
34430104Cryogenic tanks, for liquids and gases27
34430105Cyclones, industrial: metal plate2
34430106Digesters, process: metal plate3
34430107Drums, knockout (reflux etc.): metal plate0
34430108Dumpsters, garbage150
34430109Farm storage tanks, metal plate4
34430110Fuel tanks (oil, gas, etc.), metal plate65
34430111Gas holders, metal plate3
34430112Hoppers, metal plate2
34430113Housings, pressure7
34430114Jackets, industrial: metal plate3
34430115Process vessels, industrial: metal plate20
34430116Separators, industrial process: metal plate11
34430117Spheres, for liquids or gas: metal plate1
34430118Stills, pressure: metal plate4
34430119Tank towers, metal plate3
34430120Tanks for tank trucks, metal plate30
34430121Tanks, lined: metal plate40
34430122Tanks, standard or custom fabricated: metal plate214
34430123Towers (bubble, cooling, fractionating, etc.): metal plate14
34430124Trash racks, metal plate13
34430125Vats, metal plate2
34430126Vessels, process or storage (from boiler shops): metal plate26
34430127Water tanks, metal plate48
344302Heat exchangers, condensers, and components344
34430200Heat exchangers, condensers, and components140
34430201Air coolers, metal plate22
34430202Air preheaters, nonrotating: plate type0
34430203Barometric condensers2
34430204Condenser boxes, metal plate0
34430205Condensers, steam5
34430206Cooling towers, metal plate60
34430207Finned tubes, for heat transfer16
34430208Heat exchangers, plate type36
34430209Heat exchangers: coolers (after, inter), condensers, etc.63
344303Boiler and boiler shop work102
34430300Boiler and boiler shop work32
34430301Boiler casing, metal plate1
34430302Boiler shop products: boilers, smokestacks, steel tanks30
34430303Boilers: industrial, power, or marine33
34430304Economizers (boilers)6
344304Plate work for the metalworking trade36
34430400Plate work for the metalworking trade22
34430401Annealing boxes, pots, or covers1
34430402Cars, for hot metal5
34430403Mixers, for hot metal2
34430404Pots: annealing, melting, or smelting5
34430405Retorts, industrial: smelting, etc.1
344305Plate work for the nuclear industry41
34430500Plate work for the nuclear industry4
34430501Atomic waste casks1
34430502Housing cabinets for radium, metal plate5
34430503Nuclear core structurals, metal plate4
34430504Nuclear reactors, military or industrial13
34430505Nuclear shielding, metal plate3
34430506Pressurizers or auxiliary equipment, nuclear: metal plate2
34430507Reactor containment vessels, metal plate9
34430601Liners, industrial: metal plate6
344307Metal parts172
34430700Metal parts153
34430702Breechings, metal plate0
34430703Cable trays, metal plate7
34430704Crane hooks, laminated plate1
34430705Floating covers, metal plate2
344308Chutes and troughs15
34430800Chutes and troughs5
34430801Chutes, metal plate5
34430802Flumes, metal plate4
34430803Penstocks, metal plate1
34430804Troughs, industrial: metal plate0
344309Pipe, standpipe, and culverts23
34430900Pipe, standpipe, and culverts7
34430901Culverts, metal plate6
34430902Pipe, large diameter: metal plate10
344310Wind and vacuum tunnels15
34431000Wind and vacuum tunnels0
34431001Vacuum tunnels, metal plate3
34431002Wind tunnels12
344311Chambers and caissons21
34431100Chambers and caissons9
34431102Caissons, metal plate0
34431103Fumigating chambers, metal plate2
34431104Space simulation chambers, metal plate1
34431105Sterilizing chambers, metal plate2
344399Fabricated plate work (boiler shop), nec191
34439901Buoys, metal6
34439902Containers, shipping (bombs, etc.): metal plate28
34439903Cupolas, metal plate4
34439904Cylinders, pressure: metal plate49
34439905Ducting, metal plate10
34439906High vacuum coaters, metal plate5
34439907Hoods, industrial: metal plate4
34439908Ladle bails0
34439909Ladles, metal plate2
34439910Missile silos and components, metal plate3
34439911Perforating on heavy metal11
34439912Rocket transportation casings1
34439913Scroll casings2
34439914Smokestacks, boiler plate2
34439915Truss plates, metal24
3444Sheet Metalwork5,267
344400Sheet metalwork3,386
34440000Sheet metalwork3,386
344401Culverts, flumes, and pipes89
34440100Culverts, flumes, and pipes10
34440101Culverts, sheet metal34
34440102Flumes, sheet metal3
34440103Irrigation pipe, sheet metal6
34440104Pipe, sheet metal36
344402Metal ventilating equipment263
34440200Metal ventilating equipment52
34440201Cowls or scoops, air (ship ventilators): sheet metal2
34440202Ducts, sheet metal166
34440203Elbows, for air ducts, stovepipes, etc.: sheet metal9
34440204Flues and pipes, stove or furnace: sheet metal7
34440205Ventilators, sheet metal27
344403Metal roofing and roof drainage equipment375
34440300Metal roofing and roof drainage equipment122
34440301Downspouts, sheet metal10
34440302Eaves, sheet metal1
34440303Gutters, sheet metal120
34440304Roof deck, sheet metal82
34440305Skylights, sheet metal40
34440306Spouts, sheet metal0
344404Metal flooring and siding54
34440400Metal flooring and siding13
34440401Cornices, sheet metal1
34440402Flooring, cellular steel3
34440403Siding, sheet metal37
344405Metal housings, enclosures, casings, and other containers310
34440500Metal housings, enclosures, casings, and other containers103
34440501Bins, prefabricated sheet metal17
34440502Booths, spray: prefabricated sheet metal26
34440503Casings, sheet metal20
34440504Furnace casings, sheet metal6
34440505Hoods, range: sheet metal12
34440506Hoppers, sheet metal6
34440507Housings for business machines, sheet metal18
34440508Laundry hampers, sheet metal1
34440509Machine guards, sheet metal15
34440510Mail (post office) collection or storage boxes, sheet metal77
34440511Radiator shields or enclosures, sheet metal7
34440512Vats, sheet metal2
344406Awnings and canopies195
34440600Awnings and canopies90
34440601Awnings, sheet metal78
34440602Canopies, sheet metal22
34440603Door hoods, aluminum5
344499Sheet metalwork, nec595
34449901Coal chutes, prefabricated sheet metal9
34449902Concrete forms, sheet metal83
34449903Cooling towers, sheet metal8
34449904Forming machine work, sheet metal63
34449905Guard rails, highway: sheet metal9
34449906Mail chutes, sheet metal3
34449907Pile shells, sheet metal0
34449908Restaurant sheet metalwork43
34449909Sheet metal specialties, not stamped344
34449910Stove boards, sheet metal1
34449911Studs and joists, sheet metal28
34449912Wells, light: sheet metal4
3446Architectural Metalwork2,552
344600Architectural metalwork1,121
34460000Architectural metalwork1,121
344601Stairs, fire escapes, balconies, railings, and ladders581
34460100Stairs, fire escapes, balconies, railings, and ladders65
34460101Balconies, metal7
34460102Banisters, made from metal pipe3
34460103Fire escapes, metal11
34460104Guards, made from pipe9
34460105Ladders, chain0
34460106Ladders, for permanent installation: metal78
34460107Railings, banisters, guards, etc: made from metal pipe65
34460108Railings, prefabricated metal76
34460109Stairs, staircases, stair treads: prefabricated metal267
344602Open flooring and grating for construction76
34460200Open flooring and grating for construction30
34460201Gratings, open steel flooring16
34460202Gratings, tread: fabricated metal30
344603Fences, gates, posts, and flagpoles372
34460300Fences, gates, posts, and flagpoles104
34460301Fences or posts, ornamental iron or steel166
34460302Flagpoles, metal19
34460303Gates, ornamental metal79
34460304Lamp posts, metal4
344604Partitions and supports/studs, including accoustical systems45
34460400Partitions and supports/studs, including accoustical systems16
34460401Acoustical suspension systems, metal18
34460402Lintels, light gauge steel2
34460403Partitions, ornamental metal7
34460404Purlins, light gauge steel2
344605Channels, louvers, and registers19
34460500Channels, louvers, and registers2
34460501Channels, furring1
34460502Louvers, ventilating7
34460503Registers (air), metal9
344606Ornamental metalwork294
34460600Ornamental metalwork259
34460601Bank fixtures, ornamental metal5
34460602Brasswork, ornamental: structural10
34460603Grillwork, ornamental metal20
344699Architectural metalwork, nec44
34469901Elevator guide rails5
34469902Scaffolds, mobile or stationary: metal39
3448Prefabricated Metal Buildings1,592
344800Prefabricated metal buildings and components565
34480000Prefabricated metal buildings and components565
344801Prefabricated metal buildings752
34480100Prefabricated metal buildings139
34480101Buildings, portable: prefabricated metal279
34480102Carports, prefabricated metal72
34480103Farm and utility buildings41
34480104Garages, portable: prefabricated metal14
34480105Greenhouses, prefabricated metal37
34480106Screen enclosures109
34480107Silos, metal7
34480108Sunrooms, prefabricated metal54
344802Prefabricated metal components232
34480200Prefabricated metal components96
34480201Panels for prefabricated metal buildings41
34480202Ramps, prefabricated metal60
34480203Trusses and framing, prefabricated metal35
344899Prefabricated metal buildings, nec43
34489901Docks, prefabricated metal43
3449Miscellaneous Metalwork1,199
344900Miscellaneous metalwork660
34490000Miscellaneous metalwork660
344901Fabricated bar joists and concrete reinforcing bars462
34490100Fabricated bar joists and concrete reinforcing bars29
34490101Bars, concrete reinforcing: fabricated steel421
34490102Joists, fabricated bar12
344902Metal plaster bases14
34490201Lath, expanded metal6
34490202Plastering accessories, metal7
344999Miscellaneous metalwork, nec63
34499901Curtain wall, metal17
34499902Curtain walls for buildings, steel11
34499903Custom roll formed products31
34499904Landing mats, aircraft: metal4
3451Screw Machine Products1,054
345100Screw machine products1,054
34510000Screw machine products1,054
3452Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, and Washers972
345200Bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers314
34520000Bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers314
34520101Cotter pins, metal4
34520102Dowel pins, metal9
34520103Spring pins, metal4
34520201Lock washers1
34520202Spring washers, metal4
34520203Washers, metal13
345299Bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers, nec303
34529901Bolts, metal107
34529902Gate hooks5
34529903Machine keys6
34529904Nuts, metal43
34529905Rivets, metal26
34529906Screw eyes and hooks7
34529907Screws, metal107
34529908Wood screws2
3462Iron and Steel Forgings960
346200Iron and steel forgings319
34620000Iron and steel forgings319
346201Gear and chain forgings105
34620100Gear and chain forgings36
34620101Chains, forged steel17
34620102Gears, forged steel52
346202Pump, compressor, and turbine forgings14
34620200Pump, compressor, and turbine forgings7
34620201Pump and compressor forgings, ferrous2
34620202Turbine engine forgings, ferrous5
346203Automotive and internal combustion engine forgings97
34620300Automotive and internal combustion engine forgings46
34620301Automotive forgings, ferrous: crankshaft, engine, axle, etc.49
34620302Internal combustion engine forgings, ferrous2
346204Railroad, construction, and mining forgings84
34620400Railroad, construction, and mining forgings30
34620401Construction or mining equipment forgings, ferrous42
34620402Railroad wheels, axles, frogs, or other equipment: forged12
346205Missile and ordnance forgings0
34620500Missile and ordnance forgings0
34620501Missile forgings, ferrous0
34620502Ordnance forgings, ferrous0
346299Iron and steel forgings, nec341
34629901Aircraft forgings, ferrous6
34629902Anchors, forged35
34629903Armor plate, forged iron or steel22
34629904Flange, valve, and pipe fitting forgings, ferrous26
34629906Machinery forgings, ferrous15
34629907Mechanical power transmission forgings, ferrous8
34629908Nuclear power plant forgings, ferrous11
34629909Ornamental metal forgings, ferrous24
34629910Pole line hardware forgings, ferrous3
3463Nonferrous Forgings146
346300Nonferrous forgings35
34630000Nonferrous forgings35
346301Pump, compressor, turbine, and engine forgings, except auto38
34630100Pump, compressor, turbine, and engine forgings, except auto23
34630101Engine or turbine forgings, nonferrous15
34630102Pump and compressor forgings, nonferrous0
346302Missile and ordnance forgings1
34630200Missile and ordnance forgings1
34630202Ordnance forgings, nonferrous0
346399Nonferrous forgings, nec72
34639901Aircraft forgings, nonferrous0
34639902Aluminum forgings28
34639903Automotive forgings, nonferrous6
34639904Bearing and bearing race forgings, nonferrous14
34639905Flange, valve or pipe fitting forgings, nonferrous13
34639906Machinery forgings, nonferrous1
34639907Mechanical power transmission forgings, nonferrous4
34639908Plumbing fixture forgings, nonferrous5
34639909Pole line hardware forgings, nonferrous1
3465Automotive Stampings770
346500Automotive stampings324
34650000Automotive stampings324
346599Automotive stampings, nec446
34659901Body parts, automobile: stamped metal381
34659902Fenders, automobile: stamped or pressed metal11
34659903Hub caps, automobile: stamped metal16
34659904Moldings or trim, automobile: stamped metal30
34659905Tops, automobile: stamped metal8
3466Crowns and Closures35
346600Crowns and closures11
34660000Crowns and closures11
346699Crowns and closures, nec24
34669901Bottle caps and tops, stamped metal12
34669902Closures, stamped metal12
34669903Jar tops and crowns, stamped metal0
3469Metal Stampings, Nec2,907
346900Metal stampings, nec1,080
34690000Metal stampings, nec1,080
346901Household cooking and kitchen utensils, metal135
34690100Household cooking and kitchen utensils, metal39
34690101Bottle openers, stamped metal6
34690102Kitchen fixtures and equipment: metal, except cast aluminum72
34690103Utensils, household: metal, except cast12
34690104Cooking ware, except porcelain enameled6
346902Household cooking and kitchen utensils, porcelain enameled38
34690200Household cooking and kitchen utensils, porcelain enameled11
34690201Cooking ware, porcelain enameled3
34690202Kitchen fixtures and equipment, porcelain enameled22
34690203Utensils, household: porcelain enameled2
346903Porcelain enameled products and utensils64
34690300Porcelain enameled products and utensils24
34690301Appliance parts, porcelain enameled7
34690302Architectural panels or parts, porcelain enameled11
34690303Enameled ware, except plumbers' supplies: porcelain5
34690304Furniture components, porcelain enameled11
34690305Table tops, porcelain enameled6
346904Boxes, stamped metal49
34690400Boxes, stamped metal11
34690401Boxes: tool, lunch, mail, etc.: stamped metal35
34690402Cash and stamp boxes, stamped metal3
346999Metal stampings, nec, nec1,541
34699901Ash trays, stamped metal7
34699902Automobile license tags, stamped metal156
34699903Capacitor or condenser cans and cases, stamped metal4
34699904Electronic enclosures, stamped or pressed metal71
34699905Garbage cans, stamped and pressed metal8
34699906Helmets, steel18
34699907Honeycombed metal6
34699908Machine parts, stamped or pressed metal610
34699909Ornamental metal stampings12
34699910Patterns on metal28
34699911Perforated metal, stamped24
34699912Pressure cookers, stamped or drawn metal2
34699913Radio or television chassis, stamped metal1
34699914Rigidizing metal1
34699915Spinning metal for the trade125
34699916Stamping metal for the trade455
34699917Tile, floor, or wall: stamped metal10
34699918Tube fins, stamped metal3
3471Plating and Polishing2,940
347100Plating and polishing390
34710000Plating and polishing390
347101Electroplating and plating1,407
34710100Electroplating and plating124
34710101Anodizing (plating) of metals or formed products192
34710102Chromium plating of metals or formed products173
34710103Decorative plating and finishing of formed products35
34710104Electrolizing steel4
34710105Electroplating of metals or formed products379
34710106Gold plating41
34710107Plating of metals or formed products449
34710108Rechroming auto bumpers10
347102Cleaning, polishing, and finishing1,143
34710200Cleaning, polishing, and finishing200
34710201Buffing for the trade38
34710202Cleaning and descaling metal products66
34710203Coloring and finishing of aluminum or formed products18
34710204Decontaminating and cleaning of missile or satellite parts5
34710205Depolishing metal0
34710206Finishing, metals or formed products356
34710207Polishing, metals or formed products348
34710208Sand blasting of metal parts103
34710209Tumbling (cleaning and polishing) of machine parts9
3479Metal Coating and Allied Services2,840
347900Metal coating and allied services240
34790000Metal coating and allied services240
347901Etching and engraving644
34790100Etching and engraving318
34790101Chasing on metals10
34790102Engraving jewelry, silverware, or metal184
34790103Etching on metals30
34790104Etching, photochemical13
34790105Name plates: engraved, etched, etc.89
347902Painting, coating, and hot dipping1,956
34790200Painting, coating, and hot dipping556
34790201Aluminum coating of metal products61
34790202Bonderizing of metal or metal products15
34790203Coating electrodes13
34790204Coating of metals and formed products542
34790205Coating of metals with plastic or resins113
34790206Coating of metals with silicon11
34790207Coating or wrapping steel pipe42
34790208Coating, rust preventive61
34790209Enameling, including porcelain, of metal products31
34790210Galvanizing of iron, steel, or end-formed products133
34790211Hot dip coating of metals or formed products70
34790212Japanning of metal0
34790213Jewelry enameling16
34790214Lacquering of metal products2
34790215Painting of metal products263
34790216Pan glazing4
34790218Retinning of cans or utensils0
34790219Rust proofing (hot dipping) of metals and formed products12
34790220Sherardizing of metals or metal products0
34790221Varnishing of metal products4
3482Small Arms Ammunition311
348200Small arms ammunition227
34820000Small arms ammunition227
348299Small arms ammunition, nec84
34829901Cartridge cases for ammunition, 30 mm. and below14
34829902Cartridges, 30 mm. and below6
34829903Cores, bullet: 30 mm. and below23
34829904Paper shells: empty, blank, or loaded: 30 mm. and below1
34829905Pellets and BB's, pistol and air rifle ammunition17
34829906Percussion caps, for ammunition of 30 mm. and below1
34829907Shot, lead1
34829908Shot, steel (ammunition)5
34829909Shotgun ammunition: empty, blank, or loaded16
34829910Wads, ammunition: 30 mm. and below0
3483Ammunition, Except For Small Arms, Nec118
348300Ammunition, except for small arms, nec50
34830000Ammunition, except for small arms, nec50
348301Ammunition components31
34830100Ammunition components25
34830101Arming and fusing devices for missiles4
34830102Canisters, ammunition1
34830103Detonators for ammunition over 30 mm.0
34830104Fin assemblies: mortar, bomb, torpedo, etc.0
34830105Forgings, projectile: machined for ammunition over 30 mm.1
348399Ammunition, except for small arms, nec, nec37
34839901Ammunition loading and assembling plant9
34839902Artillery shells, over 30 mm.3
34839904Bombs and parts3
34839905Chemical warfare projectiles and components1
34839906Depth charges and parts (ordnance)0
34839908Jet propulsion projectiles2
34839909Mines and parts (ordnance)8
34839910Missile warheads5
34839911Mortar shells, over 30 mm.1
34839912Rockets (ammunition)4
3484Small Arms984
348400Small arms343
34840000Small arms343
348401Machine guns and grenade launchers49
34840100Machine guns and grenade launchers22
34840102Machine guns or machine gun parts, 30 mm. and below27
348499Small arms, nec592
34849901Carbines, 30 mm. and below2
34849902Guns (firearms) or gun parts, 30 mm. and below438
34849903Pellet and BB guns8
34849904Pistols or pistol parts, 30 mm. and below37
34849905Pyrotechnic pistols and projectors5
34849906Revolvers or revolver parts, 30 mm. and below5
34849907Rifles or rifle parts, 30 mm. and below77
34849908Shotguns or shotgun parts, 30 mm. and below20
3489Ordnance and Accessories, Nec238
348900Ordnance and accessories, nec91
34890000Ordnance and accessories, nec91
348901Guns, howitzers, mortars, and related equipment133
34890100Guns, howitzers, mortars, and related equipment41
34890101Artillery or artillery parts, over 30 mm.6
34890102Cannons and howitzers, over 30 mm.3
34890103Guns or gun parts, over 30 mm.72
34890104Mortars, over 30 mm.0
34890105Rifles, recoilless11
348999Ordnance and accessories, nec, nec14
34899901Depth charge release pistols and projectors, over 30 mm.1
34899902Flame throwers (ordnance)2
34899903Projectors: depth charge, grenade, rocket, etc.4
34899904Rocket launchers5
34899905Smoke generators (ordnance)2
3491Industrial Valves764
349100Industrial valves416
34910000Industrial valves416
349101Automatic regulating and control valves141
34910100Automatic regulating and control valves72
34910101Process control regulator valves34
34910102Valves, automatic control35
349199Industrial valves, nec207
34919901Boiler gauge cocks5
34919902Compressed gas cylinder valves15
34919903Fire hydrant valves16
34919904Gas valves and parts, industrial30
34919905Pressure valves and regulators, industrial52
34919906Regulators (steam fittings)4
34919907Solenoid valves21
34919908Steam traps20
34919909Valves, nuclear1
34919910Water works valves43
3492Fluid Power Valves and Hose Fittings443
349200Fluid power valves and hose fittings123
34920000Fluid power valves and hose fittings123
349201Fluid power valves for aircraft32
34920100Fluid power valves for aircraft6
34920101Control valves, aircraft: hydraulic and pneumatic15
34920102Valves, hydraulic, aircraft11
349299Fluid power valves and hose fittings, nec288
34929901Control valves, fluid power: hydraulic and pneumatic78
34929902Electrohydraulic servo valves, metal3
34929903Hose and tube fittings and assemblies, hydraulic/pneumatic169
34929904Hose and tube couplings, hydraulic/pneumatic38
3493Steel Springs, Except Wire193
349300Steel springs, except wire93
34930000Steel springs, except wire93
349301Hot formed springs59
34930100Hot formed springs3
34930101Automobile springs27
34930102Helical springs, hot wound: railroad equip., etc.6
34930103Hot wound springs, except wire1
34930104Leaf springs: automobile, locomotive, etc.13
34930105Torsion bar springs9
349302Cold formed springs41
34930200Cold formed springs6
34930201Coiled flat springs27
34930202Flat springs, sheet or strip stock8
3494Valves and Pipe Fittings, Nec649
349400Valves and pipe fittings, nec369
34940000Valves and pipe fittings, nec369
349401Pipe fittings204
34940100Pipe fittings149
34940101Couplings, except pressure and soil pipe14
34940102Expansion joints, pipe18
34940103Line strainers, for use in piping systems8
34940104Steam fittings and specialties10
34940106Well adapters5
349499Valves and pipe fittings, nec, nec76
34949901Plumbing and heating valves52
34949902Sprinkler systems, field24
3495Wire Springs279
349500Wire springs167
34950000Wire springs167
349501Precision springs103
34950100Precision springs33
34950101Clock springs, precision2
34950102Gun springs, precision7
34950103Instrument springs, precision13
34950104Mechanical springs, precision48
349599Wire springs, nec9
34959901Furniture springs, unassembled3
34959902Sash balances, spring3
34959903Upholstery springs, unassembled3
3496Miscellaneous Fabricated Wire Products1,188
349600Miscellaneous fabricated wire products532
34960000Miscellaneous fabricated wire products532
349601Wire cloth and woven wire products213
34960100Wire cloth and woven wire products32
34960101Cylinder wire cloth7
34960102Diamond cloth7
34960103Fabrics, woven wire23
34960104Fourdrinier wire cloth2
34960105Grilles and grillework, woven wire30
34960106Hardware cloth, woven wire2
34960107Lath, woven wire2
34960108Mats and matting10
34960109Mesh, made from purchased wire25
34960110Netting, woven wire: made from purchased wire3
34960111Screening, woven wire: made from purchased wire28
34960112Spiral cloth, made from purchased wire1
34960113Woven wire products, nec41
349602Wire chain28
34960200Wire chain6
34960201Chain, welded6
34960202Tire chains16
349603Wire fasteners70
34960300Wire fasteners10
34960301Clips and fasteners, made from purchased wire25
34960302Paper clips, made from purchased wire0
34960303Slings, lifting: made from purchased wire35
349699Miscellaneous fabricated wire products, nec345
34969901Barbed wire, made from purchased wire2
34969902Cable, uninsulated wire: made from purchased wire60
34969903Cages, wire55
34969904Concrete reinforcing mesh and wire21
34969905Conveyor belts80
34969906Fencing, made from purchased wire48
34969907Garment hangers, made from purchased wire7
34969908Gas welding rods5
34969909Grocery carts, made from purchased wire6
34969910Kitchen wire goods5
34969911Lamp frames, wire3
34969912Shelving, made from purchased wire16
34969913Staples, made from purchased wire2
34969914Traps, animal and fish29
34969915Wire winding6
3497Metal Foil and Leaf85
349700Metal foil and leaf39
34970000Metal foil and leaf39
349799Metal foil and leaf, nec46
34979901Copper foil3
34979902Foil containers for bakery goods and frozen foods20
34979903Foil, laminated to paper or other materials11
34979904Gold foil or leaf5
34979906Magnesium and magnesium-base alloy foil0
34979907Nickel foil0
34979908Platinum and platinum-base alloy foil1
34979909Silver foil or leaf1
34979910Tin foil4
34979911Zinc foil1
3498Fabricated Pipe and Fittings874
349800Fabricated pipe and fittings500
34980000Fabricated pipe and fittings500
349899Fabricated pipe and fittings, nec374
34989901Coils, pipe: fabricated from purchased pipe12
34989902Couplings, pipe: fabricated from purchased pipe17
34989903Manifolds, pipe: fabricated from purchased pipe16
34989904Pipe fittings, fabricated from purchased pipe58
34989905Pipe sections, fabricated from purchased pipe27
34989906Piping systems for pulp, paper, and chemical industries30
34989907Tube fabricating (contract bending and shaping)214
3499Fabricated Metal Products, Nec2,971
349900Fabricated metal products, nec782
34990000Fabricated metal products, nec782
349901Fire- or burglary-resistive products345
34990100Fire- or burglary-resistive products184
34990101Bank chests, metal11
34990102Chests, fire or burglary resistive: metal6
34990103Doors, safe and vault: metal21
34990104Linings, safe and vault: metal1
34990105Locks, safe and vault: metal33
34990106Money chests, steel5
34990107Safe deposit boxes or chests, metal16
34990108Safes and vaults, metal68
349902Metal household articles140
34990200Metal household articles131
34990201Ice cream freezers, household, nonelectric: metal4
34990202Ironing boards, metal5
349903Metal ladders73
34990300Metal ladders38
34990301Ladder assemblies, combination workstand: metal12
34990302Ladders, portable: metal23
349904Novelties and giftware, including trophies549
34990400Novelties and giftware, including trophies337
34990401Giftware, brass goods15
34990402Giftware, copper goods13
34990403Novelties and specialties, metal73
34990404Trophies, metal, except silver111
349999Fabricated metal products, nec, nec1,082
34999901Aerosol valves, metal92
34999902Ammunition boxes, metal9
34999903Aquarium accessories, metal14
34999904Automobile seat frames, metal31
34999905Barricades, metal98
34999906Book ends, metal1
34999907Boxes for packing and shipping, metal47
34999908Chair frames, metal12
34999909Drain plugs, magnetic3
34999910Drill stands1
34999911Fountains (except drinking), metal15
34999912Friction material, made from powdered metal59
34999913Furniture parts, metal53
34999914Machine bases, metal148
34999915Magnets, permanent: metallic83
34999916Marine horns, compressed air or steam2
34999917Nozzles, spray: aerosol, paint, or insecticide44
34999918Picture frames, metal113
34999919Reels, cable: metal32
34999920Shims, metal26
34999921Stabilizing bars (cargo), metal19
34999922Strapping, metal42
34999923Tablets, bronze or other metal10
34999924Target drones, for use by ships: metal6
34999925Welding tips, heat resistant: metal73
34999926Wheels: wheelbarrow, stroller, etc.: disc, stamped metal26
34999927Magnetic shields, metal23