SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3471—Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring
Establishments primarily engaged in all types of electroplating, plating, anodizing, coloring, and finishing of metals and formed products for the trade. Also included in this industry are establishments which perform these types of activities, on their own account, on purchased metals or formed products. Establishments that both manufacture and finish products are classified according to the products.

Anodizing of metals and formed products, for the tradeElectroplating of metals and formed products, for the trade
Buffing, for the tradeFinishing metal products and formed products, for the trade
Chromium plating of metals and formed products, for the tradeGold plating, for the trade
Cleaning and descaling metal products, for the tradePlating of metals and formed products for the trade
Coloring and finishing of aluminum and formed products, for the tradePolishing of metals and formed products, for the trade
Decontaminating and cleaning of missile and satellite parts, for the tradeRechroming auto bumpers, for the trade
Decorative plating and finishing of formed products, for the tradeSandblasting of metal parts, for the trade
Depolishing metal, for the tradeTumbling (cleaning and polishing) of machine parts, for the trade
Electrolizing steel, for the trade
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3471Plating and Polishing3,054
347100Plating and polishing287
34710000Plating and polishing287
347101Electroplating and plating1,828
34710100Electroplating and plating48
34710101Anodizing (plating) of metals or formed products109
34710102Chromium plating of metals or formed products90
34710103Decorative plating and finishing of formed products29
34710104Electrolizing steel2
34710105Electroplating of metals or formed products1,188
34710106Gold plating19
34710107Plating of metals or formed products337
34710108Rechroming auto bumpers6
347102Cleaning, polishing, and finishing939
34710200Cleaning, polishing, and finishing189
34710201Buffing for the trade26
34710202Cleaning and descaling metal products59
34710203Coloring and finishing of aluminum or formed products9
34710204Decontaminating and cleaning of missile or satellite parts7
34710205Depolishing metal0
34710206Finishing, metals or formed products299
34710207Polishing, metals or formed products227
34710208Sand blasting of metal parts109
34710209Tumbling (cleaning and polishing) of machine parts14