SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3469—Metal Stampings, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal stampings and spun products, not elsewhere classified, including porcelain enameled products. Products of this industry include household appliance housings and parts; cooking and kitchen utensils; and other nonautomotive job stampings.

Appliance parts, porcelain enameledKitchen utensils, stamped and pressed metal
Ashcans, stamped and pressed metalLunch boxes, stamped metal
Ashtrays, stamped metalMachine parts, stamped and pressed metal
Automobile license tags, stamped metalMail boxes, except collection boxes
Bottle openers, stamped metalPails, stamped and pressed metal: except tinned and shipping type
Capacitor and condenser cans and cases: stamped metalPans, stamped and pressed metal: except tinned
Cash and stamp boxes, stamped metalPatterns on metal
Chassis, radio and television: stamped metalPerforated metal, stamped
Cookers, pressure: stamped or drawnPerforating on light metal
Cooking ware, porcelain enameledRigidizing metal
Electronic enclosures: stamped or pressedSpinning metal, for the trade
Fins, tube: stamped metalStamping metal, for the trade
Floor tile, stamped metalStore fronts, porcelain enameled
Furniture components, porcelain enameledStove parts, porcelain enameled
Garbage cans, stamped and pressed metalTable tops, porcelain enameled
Helmets, steelTeakettles, except electric: stamped metal
Honeycombed metalTool boxes, stamped metal
Household utensils, stamped and pressed metalUtensils, metal, except cast: household, commercial, and hospital
Housings for business machines, stamped metalUtensils, porcelain enameled: household, commercial, and hospital
Ice cream dippersWashing machine parts, porcelain enameled
Ironer parts, porcelain enameledWastebaskets, stamped metal
Kitchen utensils, porcelain enameled
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3469Metal Stampings, Nec2,791
346900Metal stampings, nec661
34690000Metal stampings, nec661
346901Household cooking and kitchen utensils, metal135
34690100Household cooking and kitchen utensils, metal41
34690101Bottle openers, stamped metal5
34690102Kitchen fixtures and equipment: metal, except cast aluminum72
34690103Utensils, household: metal, except cast10
34690104Cooking ware, except porcelain enameled7
346902Household cooking and kitchen utensils, porcelain enameled32
34690200Household cooking and kitchen utensils, porcelain enameled10
34690201Cooking ware, porcelain enameled4
34690202Kitchen fixtures and equipment, porcelain enameled16
34690203Utensils, household: porcelain enameled2
346903Porcelain enameled products and utensils68
34690300Porcelain enameled products and utensils28
34690301Appliance parts, porcelain enameled9
34690302Architectural panels or parts, porcelain enameled10
34690303Enameled ware, except plumbers' supplies: porcelain5
34690304Furniture components, porcelain enameled11
34690305Table tops, porcelain enameled5
346904Boxes, stamped metal47
34690400Boxes, stamped metal11
34690401Boxes: tool, lunch, mail, etc.: stamped metal33
34690402Cash and stamp boxes, stamped metal3
346999Metal stampings, nec, nec1,848
34699901Ash trays, stamped metal6
34699902Automobile license tags, stamped metal145
34699903Capacitor or condenser cans and cases, stamped metal5
34699904Electronic enclosures, stamped or pressed metal62
34699905Garbage cans, stamped and pressed metal8
34699906Helmets, steel17
34699907Honeycombed metal5
34699908Machine parts, stamped or pressed metal534
34699909Ornamental metal stampings12
34699910Patterns on metal26
34699911Perforated metal, stamped26
34699912Pressure cookers, stamped or drawn metal2
34699913Radio or television chassis, stamped metal2
34699914Rigidizing metal1
34699915Spinning metal for the trade127
34699916Stamping metal for the trade858
34699917Tile, floor, or wall: stamped metal9
34699918Tube fins, stamped metal3