SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3499—Fabricated Metal Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fabricated metal products, not elsewhere classified, such as fire or burglary resistive steel safes and vaults and similar fire or burglary resistive products; and collapsible tubes of thin flexible metal. Also included are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal boxes, metal ladders, and metal household articles, such as ice cream freezers and ironing boards. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete burial vaults are classified in Industry 3272, and metal burial vaults are classified in Industry 3995. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing advertising novelties are classified in Industry 3993.

Aerosol valves, metalLadders, metal: portable
Ammunition boxes metalLinings, safe and vault: metal
Aquarium accessories, metalLocks, safe and vault: metal
Automobile seat frames, metalMachine bases, metal
Bank chests, metalMagnets, permanent: metallic
Barricades, metalMarine horns, compressed air or steam: metal
Book ends, metalMoney chests, metal
Boxes for packing and shipping, metalNovelties and specialties, metal: except advertising novelties
Chair frames, metalPowder metal products, custom molding
Chests, fire or burglary resistive: metalReels, cable: metal
Collapsible tubes for viscous products, metalSafe deposit boxes and chests, metal
Doors, safe and vault: metalSafes, metal
Drain plugs, magnetic: metalShims, metal
Drill stands, metalSpray nozzles, aerosol
Ferrules, metalStabilizing bars (cargo), metal
Fountains, metal (except drinking)Strapping, metal
Friction material, made from powdered metalTablets, metal
Furniture parts, metalTarget drones for use by ships, metal
Hoops, metal: other than wireToilet ware, metal: except silver, nickel, silver, pewter and plated
Ice cream freezers, household, nonelectric: metalTrophies, metal: except silver, nickel, silver, pewter, and plated
Ironing boards, metalVaults, except burial vaults: metal
Ladder assemblies, combination workstand: metalWheels, stamped metal, disc type: wheelbarrow, stroller, lawnmower
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3499Fabricated Metal Products, Nec2,749
349900Fabricated metal products, nec897
34990000Fabricated metal products, nec897
349901Fire- or burglary-resistive products293
34990100Fire- or burglary-resistive products156
34990101Bank chests, metal6
34990102Chests, fire or burglary resistive: metal5
34990103Doors, safe and vault: metal18
34990104Linings, safe and vault: metal1
34990105Locks, safe and vault: metal28
34990106Money chests, steel5
34990107Safe deposit boxes or chests, metal17
34990108Safes and vaults, metal57
349902Metal household articles116
34990200Metal household articles110
34990201Ice cream freezers, household, nonelectric: metal2
34990202Ironing boards, metal4
349903Metal ladders67
34990300Metal ladders38
34990301Ladder assemblies, combination workstand: metal8
34990302Ladders, portable: metal21
349904Novelties and giftware, including trophies451
34990400Novelties and giftware, including trophies263
34990401Giftware, brass goods11
34990402Giftware, copper goods11
34990403Novelties and specialties, metal67
34990404Trophies, metal, except silver99
349999Fabricated metal products, nec, nec925
34999901Aerosol valves, metal79
34999902Ammunition boxes, metal6
34999903Aquarium accessories, metal12
34999904Automobile seat frames, metal24
34999905Barricades, metal105
34999906Book ends, metal1
34999907Boxes for packing and shipping, metal39
34999908Chair frames, metal12
34999909Drain plugs, magnetic4
34999910Drill stands0
34999911Fountains (except drinking), metal16
34999912Friction material, made from powdered metal51
34999913Furniture parts, metal43
34999914Machine bases, metal117
34999915Magnets, permanent: metallic81
34999916Marine horns, compressed air or steam2
34999917Nozzles, spray: aerosol, paint, or insecticide38
34999918Picture frames, metal83
34999919Reels, cable: metal25
34999920Shims, metal19
34999921Stabilizing bars (cargo), metal17
34999922Strapping, metal36
34999923Tablets, bronze or other metal9
34999924Target drones, for use by ships: metal4
34999925Welding tips, heat resistant: metal58
34999926Wheels: wheelbarrow, stroller, etc.: disc, stamped metal26
34999927Magnetic shields, metal19