SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3411—Metal Cans
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal cans from purchased materials. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing foil containers are classified in Industry 3497.

Beer cans, metalMilk cans, metal
Can lids and ends, metalOil cans, metal
Cans, aluminumPackers' cans, metal
Cans, metalPails, except shipping and stamped: metal
Food containers, metalPans, tinned
General line cans, metalTin cans
Ice cream cans, metal
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3411Metal Cans454
341100Metal cans228
34110000Metal cans228
341101Food and beverage containers121
34110100Food and beverage containers91
34110101Beer cans, metal11
34110102Beverage cans, metal: except beer6
34110103Food containers, metal13
341199Metal cans, nec105
34119901Aluminum cans39
34119902Can lids and ends, metal12
34119903Oil cans, metal2
34119904Pails, except shipping: metal3
34119905Pans, tinned0
34119906Tin cans49