SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3479—Coating, Engraving, and Allied Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in performing the following types of services on metals, for the trade: (1) enameling, lacquering, and varnishing metal products; (2) hot dip galvanizing of mill sheets, plates and bars, castings, and formed products fabricated of iron and steel; hot dip coating such items with aluminum, lead, or zinc; retinning cans and utensils; (3) engraving, chasing and etching jewelry, silverware, notarial and other seals, and other metal products for purposes other than printing; and (4) other metal services, not elsewhere classified. Also included in this industry are establishments which perform these types of activities on their own account on purchased metals or formed products. Establishments that both manufacture and finish products are classified according to the products.

Bonderizing of metal and metal products, for the tradeJapanning of metal
Chasing on metals for the trade, for purposes other than printingJewelry enameling, for the trade
Coating (hot dipping) of metals and formed products, for the tradeLacquering of metal products, for the trade
Coating and wrapping steel pipeName plates: engraved and etched
Coating of metals with plastics and resins, for the tradePainting (enameling and varnishing) of metal products, for the trade
Coating of metals with silicon, for the tradePan glazing, for the trade
Coating, rust preventiveParkerizing, for the trade
Dipping metal in plastics solution aa a preservative, for the tradePhosphate coating of metal and metal products, for the trade
Enameling (including porcelain) of metal products, for the tradeRetinning of cans and utensils, not done in rolling mills
Engraving jewelry, silverware, and metal for the trade: except printingRust proofing (hot dipping) of metals and formed products, for the trade
Etching on metals for purposes other than printingSherardizing of metals and metal products, for the trade
Etching: photochemical, for the tradeVarnishing of metals products, for the trade
Galvanizing of iron and steel and end formed products, for the trade
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3479Metal Coating and Allied Services4,630
347900Metal coating and allied services1,105
34790000Metal coating and allied services1,105
347901Etching and engraving531
34790100Etching and engraving265
34790101Chasing on metals6
34790102Engraving jewelry, silverware, or metal136
34790103Etching on metals24
34790104Etching, photochemical10
34790105Name plates: engraved, etched, etc.90
347902Painting, coating, and hot dipping2,994
34790200Painting, coating, and hot dipping237
34790201Aluminum coating of metal products66
34790202Bonderizing of metal or metal products13
34790203Coating electrodes13
34790204Coating of metals and formed products2,084
34790205Coating of metals with plastic or resins90
34790206Coating of metals with silicon8
34790207Coating or wrapping steel pipe32
34790208Coating, rust preventive52
34790209Enameling, including porcelain, of metal products18
34790210Galvanizing of iron, steel, or end-formed products113
34790211Hot dip coating of metals or formed products38
34790212Japanning of metal0
34790213Jewelry enameling12
34790214Lacquering of metal products1
34790215Painting of metal products199
34790216Pan glazing4
34790218Retinning of cans or utensils0
34790219Rust proofing (hot dipping) of metals and formed products5
34790220Sherardizing of metals or metal products1
34790221Varnishing of metal products4