Industry: 3448—Prefabricated Metal Buildings and Components
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing portable and other prefabricated metal buildings and parts and prefabricated exterior metal panels.

Buildings, prefabricated: metalPanels for prefabricated metal buildings
Carports, prefabricated: metalPortable buildings, prefabricated metal
Docks, building, prefabricated: metalPrefabricated buildings, metal
Dwellings, prefabricated: metalRamps, prefabricated: metal
Farm buildings, prefabricated: metalSections for prefabricated metal buildings
Garages, prefabricated: metalSilos, metal
Greenhouses, prefabricated: metalUtility buildings, prefabricated: metal
Houses, prefabricated: metal
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3448Prefabricated Metal Buildings1,592
344800Prefabricated metal buildings and components565
34480000Prefabricated metal buildings and components565
344801Prefabricated metal buildings752
34480100Prefabricated metal buildings139
34480101Buildings, portable: prefabricated metal279
34480102Carports, prefabricated metal72
34480103Farm and utility buildings41
34480104Garages, portable: prefabricated metal14
34480105Greenhouses, prefabricated metal37
34480106Screen enclosures109
34480107Silos, metal7
34480108Sunrooms, prefabricated metal54
344802Prefabricated metal components232
34480200Prefabricated metal components96
34480201Panels for prefabricated metal buildings41
34480202Ramps, prefabricated metal60
34480203Trusses and framing, prefabricated metal35
344899Prefabricated metal buildings, nec43
34489901Docks, prefabricated metal43