SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3491—Industrial Valves
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial valves. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fluid power valves are classified in Industry 3492; those manufacturing plumbing fixture fittings and trim are classified in Industry 3432; and those manufacturing plumbing and heating valves are classified in Industry 3494.

Boiler gauge cocksValves, automatic control: industrial, except fluid power
Compressed gas cylinder valvesValves, industrial: gate, globe, check, pop safety, and relief
Fire hydrant valvesValves, nuclear
Gas valves and parts, industrialValves, relief: over 15 lbs. w.s.p.
Pop safety valves, over 15 lbs. w.s.p.Valves, solenoid: except fluid power
Pressure valves, industrial: except power transferWater works valves
Steam traps, over 16 lb. w.s.p.
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3491Industrial Valves807
349100Industrial valves493
34910000Industrial valves493
349101Automatic regulating and control valves143
34910100Automatic regulating and control valves72
34910101Process control regulator valves33
34910102Valves, automatic control38
349199Industrial valves, nec171
34919901Boiler gauge cocks3
34919902Compressed gas cylinder valves13
34919903Fire hydrant valves15
34919904Gas valves and parts, industrial27
34919905Pressure valves and regulators, industrial41
34919906Regulators (steam fittings)5
34919907Solenoid valves22
34919908Steam traps15
34919909Valves, nuclear1
34919910Water works valves29