SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3444—Sheet Metal Work
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sheet metal work for buildings (not including fabrication work done by construction contractors at the place of construction), and manufacturing stovepipes, light tanks, and other products of sheet metal.

Air cowls, scoops, or airports (ship ventilators), sheet metalHousings for business machines, sheet metal except stamped
Awnings, sheet metalIrrigation pipe, sheet metal
Bins, prefabricated: sheet metalJoists, sheet metal
Booths, spray prefabricated sheet metalLaundry hampers, sheet metal
Canopies, sheet metalLouvers, sheet metal
Casings, sheet metalMachine guards, sheet metal
Coal chutes, prefabricated sheet metalMail chutes, sheet metal
Cooling towers, sheet metalMail collection or storage boxes, sheet metal
Cornices, sheet metalPile shells, sheet metal
Culverts, sheet metalPipe, sheet metal
Dampers, sheet metalPost office collection boxes
Door hoods, aluminumRadiator shields and enclosures, sheet metal
Downspouts, sheet metalRestaurant sheet metal work
Ducts, sheet metalRoof deck, sheet metal
Eaves, sheet metalSheet metal specialties, not stamped
Elbows for conductor pipe, hot air ducts, and stovepipe: sheet metalSiding, sheet metal
Flooring, cellular steelSkylights, sheet metal
Flues, stove and furnace: sheet metalSpouts, sheet metal
Flumes, sheet metalStove boards, sheet metal
Forming machine work for the trade except stampings: sheet metalStove pipe and flues, sheet metal
Forms for concrete, sheet metalStuds, sheet metal
Furnace casings, sheet metalTroughs, elevator: sheet metal
Guardrails, highway: sheet metalVats, sheet metal
Gutters, sheet metalVentilators, sheet metal
Hoods, range sheet metalWells, light: sheet metal
Hoppers, sheet metal
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3444Sheet Metalwork5,916
344400Sheet metalwork3,523
34440000Sheet metalwork3,523
344401Culverts, flumes, and pipes84
34440100Culverts, flumes, and pipes12
34440101Culverts, sheet metal27
34440102Flumes, sheet metal3
34440103Irrigation pipe, sheet metal6
34440104Pipe, sheet metal36
344402Metal ventilating equipment340
34440200Metal ventilating equipment77
34440201Cowls or scoops, air (ship ventilators): sheet metal1
34440202Ducts, sheet metal210
34440203Elbows, for air ducts, stovepipes, etc.: sheet metal11
34440204Flues and pipes, stove or furnace: sheet metal11
34440205Ventilators, sheet metal30
344403Metal roofing and roof drainage equipment364
34440300Metal roofing and roof drainage equipment134
34440301Downspouts, sheet metal7
34440302Eaves, sheet metal1
34440303Gutters, sheet metal103
34440304Roof deck, sheet metal84
34440305Skylights, sheet metal33
34440306Spouts, sheet metal2
344404Metal flooring and siding53
34440400Metal flooring and siding13
34440401Cornices, sheet metal1
34440402Flooring, cellular steel6
34440403Siding, sheet metal33
344405Metal housings, enclosures, casings, and other containers292
34440500Metal housings, enclosures, casings, and other containers113
34440501Bins, prefabricated sheet metal14
34440502Booths, spray: prefabricated sheet metal30
34440503Casings, sheet metal17
34440504Furnace casings, sheet metal5
34440505Hoods, range: sheet metal16
34440506Hoppers, sheet metal5
34440507Housings for business machines, sheet metal16
34440508Laundry hampers, sheet metal1
34440509Machine guards, sheet metal16
34440510Mail (post office) collection or storage boxes, sheet metal52
34440511Radiator shields or enclosures, sheet metal6
34440512Vats, sheet metal1
344406Awnings and canopies163
34440600Awnings and canopies76
34440601Awnings, sheet metal62
34440602Canopies, sheet metal20
34440603Door hoods, aluminum5
344499Sheet metalwork, nec1,097
34449901Coal chutes, prefabricated sheet metal9
34449902Concrete forms, sheet metal74
34449903Cooling towers, sheet metal8
34449904Forming machine work, sheet metal62
34449905Guard rails, highway: sheet metal10
34449906Mail chutes, sheet metal3
34449907Pile shells, sheet metal2
34449908Restaurant sheet metalwork46
34449909Sheet metal specialties, not stamped848
34449910Stove boards, sheet metal1
34449911Studs and joists, sheet metal29
34449912Wells, light: sheet metal5