SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3443—Fabricated Plate Work (Boiler Shops)
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing power and marine boilers, pressure and nonpressure tanks, processing and storage vessels, heat exchangers, weldments and similar products, by the process of cutting, forming and joining metal plates, shapes, bars, sheet, pipe mill products and tubing to custom or standard design, for factory or field assembly. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing warm air heating furnaces are classified in Industry 3585; those manufacturing other nonelectric heating apparatus, except power boilers, are classified in Industry 3433; those manufacturing household cooking apparatus are classified in Industry 3631; and those manufacturing industrial process furnaces and ovens are classified in Industry 3567.

Absorbers, gasIntercooler shells
Accumulators (industrial pressure vessels)Jackets, industrial: metal plate
Acetylene cylindersKettles (process vessels), metal plate
Aftercooler shellsKnockouts, free water: metal plate
Air preheaters, nonrotating: plate typeLadles, metal plate
Air receiver tanks, metal plateLiners, industrial: metal plate
AirlocksLiquid oxygen tanks, metal plate
Annealing boxes, pots, and coversMelting pots, for metal
Atomic waste casksMissile silos and components, metal plate
Autoclaves, industrialMixers for hot metal
BafflesNuclear core structurals, metal plate
Bails, ladleNuclear shielding, metal plate
Bins, prefabricated metal plateOil storage tanks, metal plate
Boiler shop products: industrial boilers, smokestacks, and steel tanksPenstocks, metal plate
Boilers: industrial, power, and marinePerforating on heavy metal
Boxes, condenser: metal platePile shells, metal plate
Breechings, metal platePipe, large diameter: metal plate—made by plate fabricators
Buoys, metalPlate work, fabricated: cutting, punching, bending, and shaping
Cable trays, metal platePrecipitators (process vessels), metal plate
Caissons, metal platePressure vessels, industrial: metal plate—made in boiler shops
Cars for hot metalPressurizers and auxiliary equipment, nuclear: metal plate
Casing, boiler: metal plateReactor containment vessels, metal plate
Casings, scrollReactors, nuclear: military and industrial
Chutes, metal plateRetorts, industrial
Condensers, barometricRocket transportation casings
Condensers, steamSeparators, industrial process: metal plate
Containers, shipping metal plate (bombs, etc.)except missile casingsSeptic tanks, metal plate
Cooling towers, metal plateSkid tanks, metal plate
Cryogenic tanks, for liquids and gases: metal plateSmelting pots and retorts
Culverts, metal plateSmokestacks, boiler plate
Cupolas, metal plateSpace simulation chambers, metal plate
Cyclones, industrial: metal plateSpheres, for liquids or gas: metal plate
Cylinders, pressure: metal plateStandpipes
Digesters, process: metal plateSteam jet after coolers
Ducting, metal plateSteam jet inter condensers
Economizers (boilers)Sterilizing chambers, metal plate
Evaporators (process vessels), metal plateStills, pressure: metal plate
Exchangers, heat: industrial, scientific, and nuclearStorage tanks, metal plate
Farm storage tanks, metal plateSurge tanks, metal plate
Fermenters (process vessels), metal plateTanks for tank trucks, metal plate
Floating covers, metal plateTanks, metal plate: lined
Flumes, metal plateTanks, standard and custom fabricated: metal plate—made in boiler
Forms, collapsible: for tunnelsTowers, tank: metal plate
Fractionating columns, metal plateTowers: bubble, cooling, fractionating—metal plate
Fuel tanks, metal plateTrash racks, metal plate
Fumigating chambers, metal plateTroughs, industrial metal plate
Gas holders, metal plateTruss plates, metal
Gas tanks, metal plateTunnel lining, metal plate
Heat transfer drives (finned tubing)Tunnels, vacuum: metal plate
High vacuum coaters, metal plateTunnels, wind
Hoods, industrial: metal plateVacuum tanks, metal plate
Hooks, crane: laminated plateVats, metal plate
Hoppers, metal plateVessels, process and storage: metal plate (made in boiler shops)
Housing cabinets for radium, metal plateWater tanks, metal plate
Housings, pressureWeldments
Hydropneumatic tanks, metal plate
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3443Fabricated Plate Work (boiler Shop)2,967
344300Fabricated plate work (boiler shop)830
34430000Fabricated plate work (boiler shop)830
344301Industrial vessels, tanks, and containers1,160
34430100Industrial vessels, tanks, and containers166
34430101Autoclaves, industrial8
34430102Bins, prefabricated metal plate17
34430103Columns (fractioning, etc.): metal plate0
34430104Cryogenic tanks, for liquids and gases34
34430105Cyclones, industrial: metal plate1
34430106Digesters, process: metal plate1
34430107Drums, knockout (reflux etc.): metal plate0
34430108Dumpsters, garbage351
34430109Farm storage tanks, metal plate10
34430110Fuel tanks (oil, gas, etc.), metal plate77
34430111Gas holders, metal plate1
34430112Hoppers, metal plate2
34430113Housings, pressure24
34430114Jackets, industrial: metal plate2
34430115Process vessels, industrial: metal plate19
34430116Separators, industrial process: metal plate11
34430117Spheres, for liquids or gas: metal plate0
34430118Stills, pressure: metal plate3
34430119Tank towers, metal plate11
34430120Tanks for tank trucks, metal plate34
34430121Tanks, lined: metal plate44
34430122Tanks, standard or custom fabricated: metal plate241
34430123Towers (bubble, cooling, fractionating, etc.): metal plate9
34430124Trash racks, metal plate13
34430125Vats, metal plate2
34430126Vessels, process or storage (from boiler shops): metal plate32
34430127Water tanks, metal plate47
344302Heat exchangers, condensers, and components344
34430200Heat exchangers, condensers, and components140
34430201Air coolers, metal plate25
34430202Air preheaters, nonrotating: plate type3
34430203Barometric condensers1
34430204Condenser boxes, metal plate0
34430205Condensers, steam3
34430206Cooling towers, metal plate55
34430207Finned tubes, for heat transfer14
34430208Heat exchangers, plate type36
34430209Heat exchangers: coolers (after, inter), condensers, etc.67
344303Boiler and boiler shop work84
34430300Boiler and boiler shop work25
34430301Boiler casing, metal plate0
34430302Boiler shop products: boilers, smokestacks, steel tanks27
34430303Boilers: industrial, power, or marine27
34430304Economizers (boilers)5
344304Plate work for the metalworking trade41
34430400Plate work for the metalworking trade23
34430401Annealing boxes, pots, or covers1
34430402Cars, for hot metal8
34430403Mixers, for hot metal2
34430404Pots: annealing, melting, or smelting6
34430405Retorts, industrial: smelting, etc.1
344305Plate work for the nuclear industry44
34430500Plate work for the nuclear industry2
34430501Atomic waste casks1
34430502Housing cabinets for radium, metal plate4
34430503Nuclear core structurals, metal plate2
34430504Nuclear reactors, military or industrial20
34430505Nuclear shielding, metal plate4
34430506Pressurizers or auxiliary equipment, nuclear: metal plate4
34430507Reactor containment vessels, metal plate7
34430601Liners, industrial: metal plate7
344307Metal parts180
34430700Metal parts159
34430702Breechings, metal plate1
34430703Cable trays, metal plate9
34430704Crane hooks, laminated plate1
34430705Floating covers, metal plate1
344308Chutes and troughs18
34430800Chutes and troughs9
34430801Chutes, metal plate5
34430802Flumes, metal plate3
34430803Penstocks, metal plate1
34430804Troughs, industrial: metal plate0
344309Pipe, standpipe, and culverts24
34430900Pipe, standpipe, and culverts6
34430901Culverts, metal plate6
34430902Pipe, large diameter: metal plate12
344310Wind and vacuum tunnels15
34431000Wind and vacuum tunnels0
34431001Vacuum tunnels, metal plate2
34431002Wind tunnels13
344311Chambers and caissons21
34431100Chambers and caissons8
34431102Caissons, metal plate0
34431103Fumigating chambers, metal plate2
34431104Space simulation chambers, metal plate1
34431105Sterilizing chambers, metal plate3
344399Fabricated plate work (boiler shop), nec181
34439901Buoys, metal6
34439902Containers, shipping (bombs, etc.): metal plate29
34439903Cupolas, metal plate3
34439904Cylinders, pressure: metal plate36
34439905Ducting, metal plate9
34439906High vacuum coaters, metal plate5
34439907Hoods, industrial: metal plate3
34439908Ladle bails0
34439909Ladles, metal plate0
34439910Missile silos and components, metal plate2
34439911Perforating on heavy metal8
34439912Rocket transportation casings1
34439913Scroll casings1
34439914Smokestacks, boiler plate2
34439915Truss plates, metal28