SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3442—Metal Doors, Sash, Frames, Molding, and Trim Manufacturing
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing ferrous and nonferrous metal doors, sash, window and door frames and screens, molding, and trim. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal covered wood doors, windows, sash, door frames, molding, and trim are classified in Industry 2431.

Baseboards, metalMoldings and trim, metal: except automobile
Casements, aluminumRolling doors for industrial buildings and warehouses, metal
Door and jamb assemblies, prefabricated: metalScreen doors, metal
Door frames and sash, metalScreens, door and window: metal frame
Doors, louver: all metal or metal frameShutters, door and window: metal
Doors, metalStore fronts, prefabricated: metal except porcelain enameled
Fire doors, metalStorm doors and windows, metal
Garage doors, overhead: metalTrim and molding, except automobile: metal
Hangar doors, sheet metalWeather strip, metal
Jalousies, all metal or metal frameWindow frames and sash, metal
Louver windows, all metal or metal frame
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3442Metal Doors, Sash, and Trim1,835
344200Metal doors, sash, and trim312
34420000Metal doors, sash, and trim312
344201Window and door frames250
34420100Window and door frames192
34420101Casements, aluminum13
34420102Sash, door or window: metal44
34420103Window spacers1
344202Louvers, shutters, jalousies, and similar items499
34420200Louvers, shutters, jalousies, and similar items22
34420201Jalousies, metal0
34420202Louver doors, metal1
34420203Louver windows, metal5
34420204Shutters, door or window: metal471
344203Screen and storm doors and windows331
34420300Screen and storm doors and windows95
34420301Screen doors, metal46
34420302Screens, window, metal67
34420303Storm doors or windows, metal123
344204Metal doors371
34420400Metal doors198
34420401Fire doors, metal18
34420402Garage doors, overhead: metal98
34420403Hangar doors, metal14
34420404Rolling doors for industrial buildings or warehouses, metal43
344205Molding, trim, and stripping60
34420500Molding, trim, and stripping28
34420501Baseboards, metal3
34420502Moldings and trim, except automobile: metal18
34420503Weather strip, metal11
344299Metal doors, sash, and trim, nec12
34429901Store fronts, prefabricated, metal12