SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3493—Steel Springs, Except Wire
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leaf springs, hot wound springs, and coiled flat springs. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wire springs are classified in Industry 3495.

Automobile springsLeaf springs: automobile, locomotive, and other vehicle
Coiled flat springsRailroad equipment springs
Flat springs, sheet or strip stockSteel springs, except wire
Helical springs, hot wound: for railroad equipment and vehiclesTorsion bar springs
Hot wound springs, except wire springs
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3493Steel Springs, Except Wire164
349300Steel springs, except wire74
34930000Steel springs, except wire74
349301Hot formed springs57
34930100Hot formed springs4
34930101Automobile springs24
34930102Helical springs, hot wound: railroad equip., etc.7
34930103Hot wound springs, except wire2
34930104Leaf springs: automobile, locomotive, etc.11
34930105Torsion bar springs9
349302Cold formed springs33
34930200Cold formed springs8
34930201Coiled flat springs18
34930202Flat springs, sheet or strip stock7