Industry: 3423—Hand and Edge Tools, Except Machine Tools and Handsaws
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing files and other hand and edge tools for metalworking, woodworking, and general maintenance. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing handsaws and saw blades are classified in Industry 3425; and those manufacturing metal cutting dies, power driven handtools, and attachments and accessories for machine tools are classified in Major Group 35.

AdzesMattocks (handtools)
AwlsMauls, metal (handtools)
AxesMechanics' handtools
Bits (edge tools for woodworking)Mitre boxes, metal
Blow torchesPeavies (handtools)
Can openers, except electricPicks (handtools)
Cane knivesPlanes, woodworking: hand
Cant hooks (handtools)Pliers (handtools)
Carpenters' handtools, except sawsPlumbers' handtools
Caulking gunsPost hole diggers, hand
Caulking tools, handPruning tools
ChiselsPrying bars (handtools)
Clamps, handPullers: wheel, gear, and bearing (handtools)
Corn knivesPunches (handtools)
Counterbores and countersinking bib, woodworkingPutty knives
CountersinksRakes, handtools
Cutters, glassRasps, including recutting and resharpening
Cutting dies: except metal cuttingRules and rulers: metal, except slide
DrawknivesScoops, hand: metal
Drill bits, woodworkingScrapers, woodworking: hand
Drill, hand: except powerScrew drivers
Edge tools for woodworking: augers, bits, gimlets, countersinks, etc.Scythes
Engravers' tools, handShovels, hand
Fence stretchers (handtools)Sickles, hand
Files, including recutting and resharpeningSledges (handtools)
Forks: garden, hay and manure, stone and ballastSoldering guns and tools, hand: electric
Garden handtoolsSoldering iron tips and tiplets
Gouges, woodworkingSoldering irons and coppers
Guns, caulkingSpades, hand
Hammers (handtools)Squares, carpenter
HatchetsStone forks (handtools)
Hay knivesStonecutters' handtools
Hoes, garden and masons'Strapping tools, steel
Hooks: bush, grass, baling, and huskingTest plugs: plumbers' handtools
Iron workers' handtoolsTinners' handtools, except snips
Jacks: lifting, screw, and ratchet (handtools)Tongs, oyster
Jewelers' handtoolsTools and equipment for use with sporting arms
Knives, agricultural and industrialTools, hand: except power driven tools and saws
Leaf skimmers and swimming pool rakesTrowels
Levels, carpenters'Vises, carpenters'
MachetesVises, except machine
Machine knives, except metal cuttingWrenches (handtools)
Mallets, printers'Yardsticks, metal
Masons' handtools
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3423Hand and Edge Tools, Nec1,387
342300Hand and edge tools, nec416
34230000Hand and edge tools, nec416
342301Garden and farm tools, including shovels68
34230100Garden and farm tools, including shovels58
34230101Hooks: bush, grass, baling, husking, etc.5
34230102Shovels, spades (hand tools)5
342302Soldering tools19
34230200Soldering tools7
34230201Soldering guns or tools, hand: electric9
34230202Soldering irons or coppers3
342399Hand and edge tools, nec, nec884
34239901Axes and hatchets11
34239902Blow torches6
34239903Can openers, not electric3
34239904Carpenters' hand tools, except saws: levels, chisels, etc.138
34239905Carpet layers' hand tools14
34239906Caulking tools, hand6
34239907Cutters, glass14
34239908Cutting dies, except metal cutting38
34239909Drills, hand4
34239910Edge tools for woodworking: augers, bits, gimlets, etc.34
34239911Engravers' tools, hand45
34239912Hammers (hand tools)21
34239913Ironworkers' hand tools19
34239914Jacks: lifting, screw, or ratchet (hand tools)16
34239915Jewelers' hand tools221
34239916Knives, agricultural or industrial40
34239917Leaf skimmers or swimming pool rakes8
34239919Masons' hand tools19
34239920Mechanics' hand tools71
34239921Plumbers' hand tools48
34239922Rules or rulers, metal9
34239923Screw drivers, pliers, chisels, etc. (hand tools)25
34239924Stonecutters' hand tools10
34239925Taxidermist tools and equipment10
34239927Tools or equipment for use with sporting arms27
34239928Wrenches, hand tools26