SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3441—Fabricated Structural Metal
Establishments primarily engaged in fabricating iron and steel or other metal for structural purposes, such as bridges, buildings, and sections for ships, boats, and barges. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal doors, sash, frames, molding, and trim are classified in Industry 3442; and establishments doing fabrication work at the site of construction are classified in Division C, Construction.

Barge sections, prefabricated metalRadio and television tower sections, prefabricated metal
Boat sections, prefabricated metalRailway bridge sections, prefabricated metal
Expansion joints (structural shapes): iron and steelShip sections, prefabricated metal
Floor jacks, metalSteel joists, open web: long-span series
Floor posts, adjustable: metalSteel railroad car racks (for transporting motor vehicles fabricated)
Gates, dam: metal plateStructural steel, fabricated
Highway bridge sections, prefabricated metalTower sections, transmission: prefabricated metal
Joists, open web steel: long-span series
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3441Fabricated Structural Metal7,355
344100Fabricated structural metal6,350
34410000Fabricated structural metal6,350
344101Fabricated structural metal for ships75
34410100Fabricated structural metal for ships37
34410101Boat and barge sections, prefabricated metal28
34410102Ship sections, prefabricated metal10
344102Fabricated structural metal for bridges64
34410200Fabricated structural metal for bridges47
34410201Bridge sections, prefabricated, highway16
34410202Bridge sections, prefabricated, railway1
344199Fabricated structural metal, nec866
34419901Building components, structural steel662
34419902Dam gates, metal plate15
34419903Expansion joints (structural shapes), iron or steel51
34419904Floor jacks, metal2
34419905Floor posts, adjustable: metal4
34419906Joists, open web steel: long-span series30
34419907Railroad car racks, for transporting vehicles: steel21
34419908Tower sections, radio and television transmission81