SIC Codes and Counts by Division

Division: F — Wholesale Trade

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Code Industry Title Number of Business Establishments
50Wholesale Trade - Durable Goods424,113
5012Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles8,558
5013Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts19,418
5014Tires and Tubes3,284
5015Motor Vehicle Parts, Used4,985
5031Lumber, Plywood, and Millwork21,870
5032Brick, Stone, and Related Material11,565
5033Roofing, Siding, and Insulation3,074
5039Construction Materials, Nec3,556
5043Photographic Equipment and Supplies812
5044Office Equipment5,762
5045Computers, Peripherals, and Software12,349
5046Commercial Equipment, Nec18,189
5047Medical and Hospital Equipment19,541
5048Ophthalmic Goods428
5049Professional Equipment, Nec3,679
5051Metals Service Centers and Offices12,990
5052Coal and Other Minerals and Ores943
5063Electrical Apparatus and Equipment21,295
5064Electrical Appliances, Television and Radio4,312
5065Electronic Parts and Equipment, Nec15,573
5074Plumbing and Hydronic Heating Supplies10,333
5075Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning5,892
5078Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies2,319
5082Construction and Mining Machinery9,112
5083Farm and Garden Machinery9,411
5084Industrial Machinery and Equipment37,944
5085Industrial Supplies20,879
5087Service Establishment Equipment17,334
5088Transportation Equipment and Supplies5,668
5091Sporting and Recreation Goods9,269
5092Toys and Hobby Goods and Supplies5,703
5093Scrap and Waste Materials7,236
5094Jewelry and Precious Stones12,191
5099Durable Goods, Nec48,318
51Wholesale Trade - Nondurable Goods279,602
Total Business Establishments1,127,828

Division: F — Wholesale Trade

This division includes establishments or places of business primarily engaged in selling merchandise to retailers; to industrial, commercial, institutional, farm, construction contractors, or professional business users; or to other wholesalers; or acting as agents or brokers in buying merchandise for or selling merchandise to such persons or companies.

The chief functions of establishments included in Wholesale Trade are selling goods to trading establishments, or to industrial, commercial, institutional, farm, construction contractors, or professional business users; and bringing buyer and seller together. In addition to selling, functions frequently performed by wholesale establishments include maintaining inventories of goods; extending credit; physically assembling, sorting, and grading goods in large lots; breaking bulk and redistribution in smaller lots; delivery; refrigeration; and various types of promotion such as advertising and label designing.

The principal types of establishments included are: (1) merchant wholesalers-wholesalers who take title to the goods they sell, such as wholesale merchants or jobbers, industrial distributors, voluntary group wholesalers, exporters, importers, cash-and-carry wholesalers, drop shippers, truck distributors, retailer cooperative warehouses, terminal elevators, cooperative buying associations, and assemblers, buyers or cooperatives engaged in the marketing of farm products; (2) sales branches and sales offices (but not retail stores) maintained by manufacturing, refining or mining enterprises apart from their plants or mines for the purpose of marketing their products; and (3) agents, merchandise or commodity brokers, and commission merchants.

Establishments primarily engaged in selling merchandise to construction contractors, institutions, industrial users, or businesses are included in Wholesale Trade with a few exceptions. These exceptions are made necessary because of sales to both the general public for personal or household consumption and to businesses, industrial users, or construction contractors. These exceptions are lumber yards; paint, glass, and wallpaper stores, typewriter stores; stationery stores; and gasoline service stations which are classified in Retail Trade, Division G.

However, establishments that sell similar products only to institutions, industrial users, and establishments that sell merchandise for use exclusively by business establishments or to other wholesalers are classified in Wholesale Trade. Establishments primarily engaged in selling such merchandise as plumbing equipment; electrical supplies; used automobile parts; and office furniture are classified in Wholesale Trade, even if a higher proportion of their sales is made to individuals for household use. Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of used products are classified on the basis of the products sold.

Guidelines for the classification of establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution and construction or installation of equipment manufactured by other establishments are outlined in the Introduction to Division C, Construction.