SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5088—Transportation Equipment and Supplies, Except Motor Vehicles
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of transportation equipment and supplies. Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts are classified in Industry Group 501, and those distributing pleasure boats are classified in Industry 5091.

Aeronautical equipment and supplies—wholesaleMarine propulsion machinery and equipment—wholesale
Aircraft and parts—wholesaleMarine supplies (dunnage)—wholesale
Aircraft engines and engine parts—wholesaleRailroad equipment and supplies—wholesale
Aircraft equipment and supplies—wholesaleShips—wholesale
Boats, except pleasure—wholesaleSpace propulsion units and parts—wholesale
Combat vehicles, except trucks—wholesaleTanks and tank components—wholesale
Golf carts, self-propelled—wholesaleTransportation equipment and supplies except motor
Guided missiles and space vehicles—wholesale
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
5088Transportation Equipment and Supplies7,911
508800Transportation equipment and supplies2,938
50880000Transportation equipment and supplies2,938
508801Marine crafts and supplies1,613
50880100Marine crafts and supplies200
50880101Boats, non-recreational34
50880102Marine propulsion machinery and equipment95
50880103Marine supplies622
50880104Navigation equipment and supplies58
508802Combat vehicles34
50880200Combat vehicles7
50880201Tanks and tank components27
508803Aircraft and space vehicle supplies and parts2,120
50880300Aircraft and space vehicle supplies and parts167
50880301Aeronautical equipment and supplies149
50880302Aircraft and parts, nec1,226
50880303Aircraft engines and engine parts148
50880304Aircraft equipment and supplies, nec367
50880305Guided missiles and space vehicles2
50880306Helicopter parts57
50880307Space propulsion units and parts4
508899Transportation equipment and supplies, nec1,206
50889901Golf carts979
50889903Railroad equipment and supplies180