Industry: 5047—Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of surgical and other medical instruments, apparatus, and equipment; dentist equipment; artificial limbs; operating room and hospital equipment; X-ray machines; and other electromedical equipment and apparatus used by physicians and in hospitals. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of professional supplies used by medical and dental practitioners.

Baths, whirlpool—wholesaleLaboratory equipment, dental and medical—wholesale
Beds, hospital—wholesaleMedical equipment—wholesale
Dental equipment—wholesaleMedical glass—wholesale
Dental laboratory equipment—wholesaleOrthopedic equipment—wholesale
Dentists' professional supplies—wholesalePatient monitoring equipment—wholesale
Diagnostic equipment, medical—wholesalePhysicians' equipment—wholesale
Electromedical equipment—wholesalePhysicians' supplies—wholesale
Hearing aids—wholesaleSurgical and medical instruments—wholesale
Hospital equipment—wholesaleSurgical equipment—wholesale
Hospital furniture—wholesaleTherapy equipment—wholesale
Industrial safety devices: first-aid kits, face and eye masks—wholesale
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5047Medical and Hospital Equipment18,588
504700Medical and hospital equipment4,163
50470000Medical and hospital equipment4,163
504701Hospital equipment and furniture2,395
50470100Hospital equipment and furniture436
50470101Beds, hospital27
50470102Hospital equipment and supplies, nec416
50470103Hospital furniture18
50470104Instruments, surgical and medical463
50470105Oxygen therapy equipment254
50470106Patient monitoring equipment40
50470107Physician equipment and supplies122
50470108Surgical equipment and supplies422
50470109X-ray machines and tubes197
504702Dental equipment and supplies985
50470200Dental equipment and supplies861
50470201Dental laboratory equipment52
50470202Dentists' professional supplies72
504703Medical equipment and supplies10,391
50470300Medical equipment and supplies7,927
50470301Artificial limbs56
50470302Baths, whirlpool16
50470303Diagnostic equipment, medical405
50470304Electro-medical equipment197
50470305Glass, medical22
50470306Hearing aids704
50470307Incontinent care products and supplies47
50470308Medical laboratory equipment279
50470309Orthopedic equipment and supplies310
50470310Technical aids for the handicapped82
50470311Therapy equipment346
504799Medical and hospital equipment, nec654
50479901Industrial safety devices: first aid kits and masks159
50479902Veterinarians' equipment and supplies412
50479903X-ray film and supplies83