Industry: 5015—Motor Vehicle Parts, Used
Establishments primarily engaged in the distribution at wholesale or retail of used motor vehicle parts. This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in dismantling motor vehicles for the purpose of selling parts. Establishments primarily engaged in dismantling motor vehicles for scrap are classified in Industry 5093.

Automobile engines, used—wholesale or retailMotor vehicle parts, used—wholesale or retail
Automobile parts, used—wholesale or retail
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5015Motor Vehicle Parts, Used4,748
501500Motor vehicle parts, used767
50150000Motor vehicle parts, used767
501501Automotive parts and supplies, used3,745
50150100Automotive parts and supplies, used2,716
50150101Automotive accessories, used, nec142
50150102Automotive supplies, used: wholesale and retail850
50150103Batteries, used: automotive11
50150104Engines, used17
50150105Hardware, used: automotive9
501502Automotive servicing equipment, used108
50150200Automotive servicing equipment, used52
50150201Garage service equipment, used16
50150202Testing equipment, electrical, used: automotive12
50150203Tools and equipment, used: automotive28
501599Motor vehicle parts, used, nec128
50159901Tires, used: retail only109
50159902Trailer parts and accessories, used10
50159903Wheels, used: motor vehicle9