SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5074—Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies (Hydronics)
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of hydronic plumbing and heating equipment and supplies. Construction contractors primarily engaged in installing plumbing and heating equipment from their own stock are classified in Construction, Industry 1711.

Boilers, power: industrial—wholesaleRadiators and parts, heating: nonelectric—wholesale
Boilers, steam and hot water heating—wholesaleRanges, except electric—wholesale
Burners, fuel oil and distillate oil—wholesaleSanitary ware, china or enameled iron—wholesale
Convectors—wholesaleSauna heaters, except electric—wholesale
Fireplaces, prefabricated—wholesaleSolar heating panels and equipment—wholesale
Furnaces, except electric and warm air—wholesaleSteam fittings—wholesale
Hydronic heating equipment and supplies—wholesaleStoves, cooking: except electric—wholesale
Metal sanitary ware—wholesaleStoves, wood burning—wholesale
Oil burners—wholesaleValves, plumbing and heating—wholesale
Pipe and boiler covering—wholesaleWater conditioning equipment—wholesale
Plumbers' brass goods, fittings, and valves—wholesaleWater heaters, except electric—wholesale
Plumbing and heating valves—wholesaleWater softeners—wholesale
Plumbing fixtures, equipment, and supplies—wholesale
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
5074Plumbing and Hydronic Heating Supplies10,088
507400Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies1,390
50740000Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies1,390
507401Water heaters and purification equipment875
50740100Water heaters and purification equipment116
50740101Water heaters, except electric31
50740102Water purification equipment541
50740103Water softeners187
507402Heating equipment (hydronic)1,397
50740200Heating equipment (hydronic)550
50740201Boilers, hot water heating65
50740202Boilers, power (industrial)63
50740203Boilers, steam35
50740205Fireplaces, prefabricated68
50740206Furnaces, except electric and warm air20
50740207Gas burners14
50740208Heating equipment and panels, solar493
50740209Oil burners65
50740210Radiators and parts, except electric18
50740211Sauna heaters, except electric5
507403Plumbing fittings and supplies6,372
50740300Plumbing fittings and supplies5,713
50740301Pipe and boiler covering14
50740302Pipes and fittings, plastic376
50740303Plumbers' brass goods and fittings81
50740304Plumbing and heating valves172
50740305Steam fittings16
507499Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies, nec54
50749901Sanitary ware, china or enameled iron17
50749902Sanitary ware, metal6
50749903Stoves, wood burning31