SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5039—Construction Materials, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of mobile homes and of construction materials, not elsewhere classified, including prefabricated buildings and glass. Establishments selling construction materials to the general public and known as retail in the trade are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5211. Establishments primarily engaged in marketing heavy structural metal products are classified in Industry 5051.

Architectural metalwork—wholesaleMobile homes—wholesale
Awnings—wholesalePlate glass—wholesale
Fencing and accessories wire—wholesalePrefabricated buildings—wholesale
Glass flat: except automotive—wholesaleSeptic tanks—wholesale
Grain storage bins—wholesaleStructural assemblies prefabricated: non-wood—wholesale
Metal buildings—wholesaleWindow glass—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5039Construction Materials, Nec3,419
503900Construction materials, nec611
50390000Construction materials, nec611
503901Prefabricated structures1,037
50390100Prefabricated structures429
50390101Metal buildings244
50390102Mobile homes125
50390103Prefabricated buildings75
50390104Structural assemblies, prefabricated: non-wood83
50390105Mobile offices and commercial units81
503902Glass construction materials469
50390200Glass construction materials376
50390201Exterior flat glass: plate or window67
50390202Interior flat glass: plate and window26
503999Construction materials, nec, nec1,302
50399901Air ducts, sheet metal104
50399902Architectural metalwork107
50399904Ceiling systems and products85
50399905Doors, sliding55
50399906Eavestroughing, parts and supplies13
50399907Flue linings6
50399908Grain storage bins37
50399910Lockers, construction13
50399911Septic tanks388
50399912Soil erosion control fabrics171
50399913Wire fence, gates, and accessories222
50399914Metal guardrails18