SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5045—Computers and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of computers, computer peripheral equipment, and computer software. These establishments frequently also may sell related supplies, but establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling supplies are classified according to the individual product (for example, computer paper in Industry 5112). Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of modems and other electronic communications equipment are classified in Industry 5065. Establishment primarily engaged in selling computers and computer peripheral equipment and software for other than business or professional use are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5734.

Computer terminals—wholesalePeripheral equipment computer—wholesale
Computers—wholesalePrinters computer—wholesale
Disk drives—wholesaleSoftware computer—wholesale
Keying equipment—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5045Computers, Peripherals, and Software12,349
504500Computers, peripherals, and software4,412
50450000Computers, peripherals, and software4,412
504501Computer peripheral equipment1,875
50450100Computer peripheral equipment1,533
50450101Disk drives32
50450102Keying equipment12
50450103Printers, computer248
50450104Terminals, computer50
504599Computers, peripherals, and software, nec6,062
50459901Accounting machines using machine readable programs29
50459902Anti-static equipment and devices20
50459903Computer software4,212
50459904Computers and accessories, personal and home entertainment492
50459905Computers, nec1,234
50459906Mainframe computers68
50459907Word processing equipment7