Industry: 5091—Sporting and Recreational Goods and Supplies
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of sporting goods and accessories, billiard and pool supplies; sporting firearms and ammunition; and marine pleasure craft, equipment, and supplies. Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of motor vehicles and trailers are classified in Industry 5012; those distributing self-propelled golf carts are classified in Industry 5088; and those distributing athletic apparel and footwear are classified in Industry Group 513.

Ammunition, sporting—wholesaleFirearms, sporting—wholesale
Archery equipment—wholesaleGocarts—wholesale
Athletic goods, except apparel and footwear—wholesaleGolf carts, except self-propelled—wholesale
Bait, artificial—wholesaleGolf equipment—wholesale
Bicycle tires and tubes—wholesaleHot tubs—wholesale
Bicycles—wholesaleOutboard motors—wholesale
Billiards equipment and supplies—wholesalePool equipment and supplies—wholesale
Boats, pleasure: canoes, motorboats, and sailboats—wholesaleSkiing equipment—wholesale
Bowling equipment—wholesaleSwimming pools and equipment—wholesale
Camping equipment—wholesaleUnderwater sports equipment—wholesale
Camping tents and equipment—wholesale
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5091Sporting and Recreation Goods8,635
509100Sporting and recreation goods2,545
50910000Sporting and recreation goods2,545
509101Watersports equipment and supplies1,336
50910100Watersports equipment and supplies79
50910101Diving equipment and supplies310
50910102Surfing equipment and supplies68
50910103Swimming pools, equipment and supplies830
50910104Water slides (recreation park)49
509102Golf and skiing equipment and supplies575
50910200Golf and skiing equipment and supplies142
50910201Golf equipment360
50910202Skiing equipment73
509103Fishing equipment and supplies600
50910300Fishing equipment and supplies309
50910301Fishing tackle291
509104Hunting equipment and supplies595
50910400Hunting equipment and supplies204
50910401Ammunition, sporting59
50910402Archery equipment77
50910403Firearms, sporting255
509105Fitness equipment and supplies976
50910500Fitness equipment and supplies486
50910501Exercise equipment95
50910502Gymnasium equipment48
50910503Hot tubs211
50910504Spa equipment and supplies128
50910505Trampolines and equipment8
509106Bicycle equipment and supplies625
50910600Bicycle equipment and supplies69
50910601Bicycle parts and accessories90
50910602Bicycle tires and tubes2
509107Boats, canoes, watercrafts, and equipment609
50910700Boats, canoes, watercrafts, and equipment164
50910701Boat accessories and parts343
50910704Outboard motors8
509199Sporting and recreation goods, nec774
50919901Athletic goods220
50919902Billiard equipment and supplies164
50919903Bowling equipment97
50919904Camping equipment and supplies64
50919905Dartboards and accessories10
50919907Goggles, sports29
50919908Racquet sports equipment and supplies42
50919909Sharpeners, sporting goods122
50919910Wax, sports4