SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5087—Service Establishment Equipment and Supplies
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of equipment and supplies for barber shops, beauty parlors, power laundries, drycleaning plants, upholsterers, undertakers, and related personal service establishments.

Barber shop equipment and supplies—wholesaleLaundry equipment and supplies—wholesale
Beauty parlor equipment and supplies—wholesaleMorticians' goods—wholesale
Boot and shoe cut stock and findings—wholesaleShoe heels—wholesale
Carnival and amusement park equipment—wholesaleShoe patterns—wholesale
Carwash equipment and supplies—wholesaleShoe repair materials—wholesale
Caskets, burial—wholesaleSoles, shoe—wholesale
Chairs, hydraulic: beauty and barber shop—wholesaleSprinkler systems, except agricultural—wholesale
Concrete burial vaults and boxes—wholesaleTailors' supplies—wholesale
Drycleaning plant equipment and supplies—wholesaleUndertakers' equipment and supplies—wholesale
Dryers, beauty shop—wholesaleUpholsterers' equipment and supplies, except fabrics—wholesale
Findings, shoe repair—wholesaleUpholstery filling and padding—wholesale
Firefighting equipment—wholesaleVacuum cleaning systems—wholesale
Janitors' supplies—wholesaleVoting machines—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5087Service Establishment Equipment18,596
508700Service establishment equipment1,423
50870000Service establishment equipment1,423
508701Beauty salon and barber shop equipment and supplies9,756
50870100Beauty salon and barber shop equipment and supplies3,222
50870101Barber shop equipment and supplies172
50870102Beauty parlor equipment and supplies6,290
50870103Chairs, hydraulic0
50870104Electrolysis equipment and supplies72
508702Laundry and dry cleaning equipment and supplies594
50870200Laundry and dry cleaning equipment and supplies131
50870201Dry cleaning plant equipment and supplies102
50870202Laundry equipment and supplies361
508703Cleaning and maintenance equipment and supplies3,184
50870300Cleaning and maintenance equipment and supplies487
50870301Carpet and rug cleaning equipment and supplies, commercial124
50870302Carwash equipment and supplies209
50870303Floor machinery, maintenance53
50870304Janitors' supplies2,214
50870305Vacuum cleaning systems97
508704Tailors' and shoe repair supplies67
50870400Tailors' and shoe repair supplies7
50870401Boot and shoe cut stock and findings21
50870402Shoe repair supplies and equipment14
50870403Tailors' supplies25
508705Firefighting equipment920
50870500Firefighting equipment639
50870501Sprinkler systems281
508706Cemetery and funeral director's equipment and supplies666
50870600Cemetery and funeral director's equipment and supplies53
50870602Cemetary supplies and equipment29
50870603Concrete burial vaults and boxes61
50870604Funeral director's equipment and supplies80
508799Service establishment equipment, nec1,986
50879901Carnival and amusement park equipment57
50879902Carpet installation equipment127
50879903Engraving equipment and supplies29
50879904Extermination and fumigation equipment and supplies20
50879905Liquor dispensing equipment and systems39
50879906Locksmith equipment and supplies145
50879907Moving equipment and supplies94
50879908Restaurant supplies413
50879909Shredders, industrial and commercial45
50879910Stress reducing equipment, electric13
50879911Taxidermist tools and equipment64
50879912Upholsterers' equipment and supplies77
50879913Vending machines and supplies847
50879914Voting machines16