SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5032—Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Materials
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of stone, cement, lime, construction sand, and gravel; brick (except refractory); asphalt and concrete mixtures; and concrete, stone, and structural clay products (other than refractories). Distributors of industrial sand and of refractory materials are classified in Industry 5085. Establishments primarily engaged in producing ready-mixed concrete are classified in Manufacturing, Industry 3273.

Aggregate—wholesaleLime except agricultural—wholesale
Asphalt mixtures—wholesaleLimestone—wholesale
Blocks building—wholesaleMarble building stone—wholesale
Brick, except refractory—wholesaleMasons materials—wholesale
Building stone—wholesalePaving mixtures—wholesale
Ceramic construction materials except refractory—wholesaleSand, construction—wholesale
Ceramic wall and floor tile—wholesaleSewer pipe clay—wholesale
Cinders—wholesaleStone crushed or broken—wholesale
Clay construction materials except refractory—wholesaleStone, building—wholesale
Concrete building products—wholesaleStucco—wholesale
Concrete mixtures—wholesaleTerra cotta—wholesale
Granite building stone—wholesaleTile clay or other ceramic except refractory—wholesale
Gravel—wholesaleTile structural clay—wholesale
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
5032Brick, Stone, and Related Material10,424
503200Brick, stone, and related material1,915
50320000Brick, stone, and related material1,915
503201Paving materials362
50320100Paving materials110
50320101Asphalt mixture245
50320102Paving mixtures7
503202Plastering materials1,216
50320200Plastering materials40
50320201Drywall materials352
503203Tile and clay products1,351
50320300Tile and clay products310
50320301Ceramic construction materials, excluding refractory71
50320302Ceramic wall and floor tile, nec733
50320303Clay construction materials, except refractory14
50320304Sewer pipe, clay34
50320305Terra cotta21
50320306Tile, clay or other ceramic, excluding refractory158
50320307Tile, structural clay10
503204Building stone2,305
50320400Building stone224
50320401Granite building stone1,310
50320402Marble building stone771
503205Concrete and cinder building products997
50320500Concrete and cinder building products505
50320502Concrete and cinder block57
50320503Concrete building products262
50320504Concrete mixtures136
503206Lime building products220
50320600Lime building products12
50320601Lime, except agricultural9
503299Brick, stone, and related material, nec2,058
50329902Brick, except refractory128
50329903Building blocks, nec34
50329906Masons' materials82
50329907Sand, construction363
50329908Stone, crushed or broken395