SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5093—Scrap and Waste Materials
Establishments primarily engaged in assembling, breaking up, sorting, and wholesale distribution of scrap and waste materials. This industry includes auto wreckers engaged in dismantling automobiles for scrap. However, those engaged in dismantling cars for the purpose of selling secondhand parts are classified in Industry 5015.

Automotive wrecking for scrap—wholesaleOil, waste—wholesale
Bag reclaiming—wholesalePlastics scrap—wholesale
Bottles, waste—wholesaleRags—wholesale
Boxes, waste—wholesaleRubber scrap—wholesale
Fur cuttings and scraps—wholesaleScavengering—wholesale
Iron and steel scrap—wholesaleScrap and waste materials—wholesale
Junk and scrap, general line—wholesaleTextile waste—wholesale
Metal waste and scrap—wholesaleWastepaper, including paper recycling—wholesale
Nonferrous metals scrap—wholesaleWiping rags, including washing and reconditioning—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5093Scrap and Waste Materials6,508
509300Scrap and waste materials2,066
50930000Scrap and waste materials2,066
509301Waste paper and cloth materials419
50930100Waste paper and cloth materials38
50930101Bag reclaiming3
50930102Boxes, waste17
50930103Fur cuttings and scraps8
50930104Textile waste33
50930105Waste paper229
50930106Waste rags91
509302Metal scrap and waste materials2,611
50930200Metal scrap and waste materials986
50930201Ferrous metal scrap and waste1,432
50930202Nonferrous metals scrap168
50930203Wire and cable scrap25
509399Scrap and waste materials, nec1,412
50939901Automotive wrecking for scrap723
50939902Barrels and drums35
50939903Bottles, waste23
50939904Junk and scrap413
50939905Oil, waste79
50939906Plastics scrap97
50939907Rubber scrap21
50939909Lumber scrap18