SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5083—Farm and Garden Machinery and Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of agricultural machinery and equipment for use in the preparation and maintenance of the soil, the planting and harvesting of crops, and other operations and processes pertaining to work on the farm or the lawn or garden; and daily and other livestock equipment.

Agricultural machinery—wholesaleLand preparation machinery, agricultural—wholesale
Cream separators, farm—wholesaleLawn machinery and equipment—wholesale
Cultivating machinery and equipment—wholesaleMilking machinery and equipment—wholesale
Dairy farm machinery and equipment—wholesaleMowers, power—wholesale
Farm machinery and equipment—wholesalePlanting machinery and equipment—wholesale
Garden machinery and equipment—wholesalePoultry equipment—wholesale
Harvesting machinery and equipment—wholesaleTractors, agricultural—wholesale
Haying machinery—wholesaleWind machines (frost protection equipment)—wholesale
Irrigation equipment—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5083Farm and Garden Machinery9,086
508300Farm and garden machinery1,278
50830000Farm and garden machinery1,278
508301Poultry and livestock equipment302
50830100Poultry and livestock equipment30
50830101Livestock equipment186
50830102Poultry equipment86
508302Lawn and garden machinery and equipment1,392
50830200Lawn and garden machinery and equipment472
50830201Garden machinery and equipment, nec56
50830202Landscaping equipment658
50830203Lawn machinery and equipment149
50830204Mowers, power57
508303Agricultural machinery and equipment5,721
50830300Agricultural machinery and equipment1,856
50830301Agricultural machinery, nec170
50830302Cultivating machinery and equipment17
50830303Farm equipment parts and supplies563
50830304Farm implements789
50830305Grain elevators equipment and supplies75
50830306Harvesting machinery and equipment, nec33
50830307Haying machinery8
50830308Irrigation equipment1,177
50830309Land preparation machinery, agricultural16
50830310Planting machinery and equipment7
50830311Shears, farm and garden12
50830312Tractors, agricultural986
50830313Wind machines (frost protection equipment)12
508304Dairy machinery and equipment282
50830400Dairy machinery and equipment236
50830401Cream separators, farm0
50830402Milking machinery and equipment46
508399Farm and garden machinery, nec111
50839901Hydroponic equipment and supplies111