SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5051—Metals Service Centers and Offices
Establishments primarily engaged in marketing semifinished metal products, except precious metals. Establishments in this industry may operate with warehouses (metals service centers) or without warehouses (metals sales offices). Establishments primarily engaged in marketing precious metals are classified in Industry 5094.

Aluminum bars, rods, ingots, sheets, pipes, plates, etc.—wholesalePipe and tubing, steel—wholesale
Anode metal—wholesalePipe, cast iron—wholesale
Bale ties, wire—wholesalePlates, metal—wholesale
Bars, metal—wholesaleRails and accessories—wholesale
Bearing piles, iron and steel—wholesaleReinforcement mesh, wire—wholesale
Black plate, iron and steel—wholesaleRods, metal—wholesale
Castings, rough iron and steel—wholesaleSheets, galvanized or other coated—wholesale
Concrete reinforcing bars—wholesaleSheets, metal—wholesale
Copper sheets, plates, bars, rods, pipes, etc.—wholesaleSteel—wholesale
Ferroalloys—wholesaleStrip, metal—wholesale
Forgings, ferrous—wholesaleStructural shapes, iron and steel—wholesale
Forms, concrete construction steel—wholesaleTerneplate—wholesale
Foundry products—wholesaleTin and tin base metals, shapes, forms, etc.—wholesale
Ingots—wholesaleTin plate bars—wholesale
Iron and steel flat products—wholesaleTin plate—wholesale
Iron and steel semifinished products—wholesaleTrack spikes—wholesale
Lead—wholesaleTubing, metal—wholesale
Mercury—wholesaleWire rods—wholesale
Metals, except precious—wholesaleWire rope or cable, not insulated—wholesale
Nails—wholesaleWire screening—wholesale
Nonferrous metal, except precious e.g. sheets, bars, rods—wholesaleWire, not insulated—wholesale
Pig iron—wholesaleZinc—wholesale
Piling, iron and steel—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5051Metals Service Centers and Offices13,058
505100Metals service centers and offices1,490
50510000Metals service centers and offices1,490
505101Metal wires, ties, cables, and screening777
50510100Metal wires, ties, cables, and screening411
50510101Bale ties, wire11
50510102Cable, wire136
50510103Reinforcement mesh, wire21
50510104Rods, wire (not insulated)4
50510105Rope, wire (not insulated)105
50510106Wire screening8
50510107Wire, nec81
505102Iron and steel (ferrous) products8,847
50510200Iron and steel (ferrous) products1,189
50510201Bearing piles, iron or steel10
50510202Black plate, iron or steel10
50510203Cast iron pipe38
50510204Castings, rough: iron or steel114
50510205Concrete reinforcing bars23
50510207Ferrous metals104
50510208Forgings, ferrous29
50510209Forms, concrete construction (steel)67
50510210Iron or steel flat products77
50510211Iron or steel semifinished products41
50510212Pig iron12
50510213Piling, iron and steel17
50510214Pipe and tubing, steel867
50510215Rails and accessories48
50510217Structural shapes, iron or steel166
50510219Track spikes1
50510220Steel decking22
505103Copper products130
50510300Copper products45
50510302Copper sheets, plates, bars, rods, pipes, etc., nec19
505104Miscellaneous nonferrous products373
50510400Miscellaneous nonferrous products150
50510401Anode metal7
50510404Nonferrous metal sheets, bars, rods, etc., nec113
50510405Tin and tin base metals, shapes, forms, etc., nec13
50510406Tin plate9
505199Metals service centers and offices, nec1,441
50519901Aluminum bars, rods, ingots, sheets, pipes, plates, etc.631
50519902Bars, metal60
50519903Foundry products141
50519906Plates, metal36
50519907Rods, metal25
50519908Sheets, galvanized or other coated16
50519909Sheets, metal195
50519910Strip, metal11
50519911Tubing, metal84
50519912Stampings, metal43