SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5031—Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, and Wood Panels
Establishments, with or without yards, primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of rough, dressed, and finished lumber (but not timber); plywood; reconstituted wood fiber products; doors and windows and their frames (all materials); wood fencing; and other wood or metal millwork.

Composite board products, wood-based—wholesalePaneling wood—wholesale
Door frames, all materials—wholesaleParticleboard—wholesale
Enameled tileboard (hardboard)—wholesalePlywood—wholesale
Fencing, wood—wholesaleShingles wood—wholesale
Hardboard—wholesaleStructural assemblies prefabricated wood—wholesale
Kitchen cabinets to be built in—wholesaleVeneer—wholesale
Lumber rough, dressed, and finished—wholesaleWallboard—wholesale
Medium density fiberboard—wholesaleWindow frames all materials—wholesale
Metal doors, sash and trim—wholesaleWindows and doors—wholesale
Millwork—wholesaleWood siding—wholesale
Molding all materials—wholesale
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
5031Lumber, Plywood, and Millwork21,988
503100Lumber, plywood, and millwork1,490
50310000Lumber, plywood, and millwork1,490
503101Building materials, exterior1,510
50310100Building materials, exterior1,402
50310101Fencing, wood59
50310102Shingles, wood13
50310103Siding, wood18
50310104Trim, sheet metal18
503102Building materials, interior820
50310200Building materials, interior372
50310201Enameled tileboard4
50310202Molding, all materials121
50310203Paneling, wood21
503103Doors and windows12,016
50310300Doors and windows460
50310301Door frames, all materials131
50310302Doors, combination, screen-storm23
50310303Doors, garage276
50310304Doors, nec595
50310305Metal doors, sash and trim93
50310306Window frames, all materials40
50310308Skylights, all materials38
503199Lumber, plywood, and millwork, nec6,152
50319901Composite board products, woodboard64
50319903Kitchen cabinets1,286
50319904Lumber: rough, dressed, and finished2,828
50319905Medium density fiberboard7
50319907Pallets, wood258
50319910Structural assemblies, prefabricated: wood44