Division: H — Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate

This division includes establishments operating primarily in the fields of finance, insurance, and real estate. Finance includes depository institutions, non-depository credit institutions, holding (but not predominantly operating) companies, other investment companies, brokers and dealers in securities and commodity contracts, and security and commodity exchanges. Insurance covers carriers of all types of insurance, and insurance agents and brokers. Real estate includes owners, lessors, lessees, buyers, sellers, agents, and developers of real estate. Establishments primarily engaged in the construction of buildings for sale (operative builders) are classified in Construction, Industry 1531.

Code Industry Title Number of Business Establishments
60Depository Institutions112,580
61Nondepository Credit Institutions63,362
62Security & Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges & Services94,392
63Insurance Carriers35,298
64Insurance Agents, Brokers and Service205,675
65Real Estate705,804
67Holding and Other Investment Offices269,427
Total Business Establishments1,486,538