Industry: 6099—Functions Related to Depository Banking, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in performing functions related to depository banking, not elsewhere classified.

Automated clearinghousesForeign currency exchanges
Check cashing agenciesMoney order issuance
Check clearinghouse associationsRegional clearinghouse associations
Clearinghouse associations bank or checkRepresentative offices of foreign banks, excluding agents and branches
Deposit brokersSafe deposit companies
Electronic funds transfer networks including switchingTax certificate sale and redemption agencies
Escrow institutions other than real estateTravelers' check issuance
Fiduciary agencies other than real estate or trust
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
6099Functions Related To Depository Banking12,325
609900Functions related to deposit banking1,707
60990000Functions related to deposit banking1,707
609901Check clearing services1,755
60990100Check clearing services1,667
60990101Automated clearinghouses35
60990102Clearinghouse associations, bank or check43
60990103Regional clearinghouse associations10
609999Functions related to deposit banking, nec8,863
60999901Check cashing agencies6,054
60999902Deposit brokers37
60999903Electronic funds transfer network, including switching399
60999904Escrow institutions other than real estate317
60999905Fiduciary agencies other than real estate or trust180
60999906Foreign currency exchange658
60999907Money order issuance544
60999908Representative foreign bank offices, ex. agents and branches34
60999909Safe deposit companies29
60999910Tax certificate sale and redemption agencies28
60999911Travelers' checks issuance9
60999912Automated teller machine (ATM) network574