67 - Holding and Other Investment Offices
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
67Holding and Other Investment Offices247,822
6712Bank Holding Companies2,288
671200Bank holding companies2,288
67120000Bank holding companies2,288
6719Holding Companies, Nec56,907
671900Holding companies, nec48,340
67190000Holding companies, nec48,340
671999Holding companies, nec, nec8,567
67199901Investment holding companies, except banks6,161
67199902Personal holding companies, except banks2,179
67199903Public utility holding companies227
6722Management Investment, Open-ended9,132
672200Management investment, open-end4,520
67220000Management investment, open-end4,520
672299Management investment, open-end, nec4,612
67229901Money market mutual funds4,329
67229902Mutual fund sales, on own account188
67229903Managed investments including trusts,pension & mutual funds,nec95
6726Investment Offices, Nec6,117
672600Investment offices, nec5,353
67260000Investment offices, nec5,353
672699Investment offices, nec, nec764
67269901Face amount certificate issuing33
67269902Face amount installment certificate issuing3
67269903Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) pools13
67269904Investors syndicates64
67269905Management investment funds, closed-end599
67269906Unit investment trusts52
6732Trusts: Educational, Religious, Etc.6,176
673200Trusts: educational, religious, etc.4,246
67320000Trusts: educational, religious, etc.4,246
673299Trusts: educational, religious, etc., nec1,930
67329901Charitable trust management964
67329902Educational trust management898
67329903Religious trust management68
6733Trusts, Nec27,993
673300Trusts, nec18,826
67330000Trusts, nec18,826
673301Private estate, personal investment and vacation fund trusts7,899
67330100Private estate, personal investment and vacation fund trusts7,119
67330101Administrator of private estates, nonoperating109
67330102Personal investment trust management659
67330103Vacation funds for employees12
673399Trusts, nec, nec1,268
67339901Trusts, except educational, religious, charity: management1,268
6792Oil Royalty Traders336
679200Oil royalty traders173
67920000Oil royalty traders173
679299Oil royalty traders, nec163
67929901Oil leases, buying and selling on own account163
6794Patent Owners and Lessors4,024
679400Patent owners and lessors361
67940000Patent owners and lessors361
679401Music licensing and royalties296
67940100Music licensing and royalties64
67940101Music licensing to radio stations152
67940102Music royalties, sheet and record21
67940103Performance rights, publishing and licensing59
679499Patent owners and lessors, nec3,367
67949901Copyright buying and licensing99
67949902Franchises, selling or licensing3,144
67949903Patent buying, licensing, leasing124
6798Real Estate Investment Trusts8,455
679800Real estate investment trusts7,300
67980000Real estate investment trusts7,300
679899Real estate investment trusts, nec1,155
67989901Mortgage investment trusts254
67989902Realty investment trusts901
6799Investors, Nec126,394
679900Investors, nec116,341
67990000Investors, nec116,341
679901Commodity investors739
67990100Commodity investors320
67990101Commodity contract pool operators42
67990102Commodity contract trading companies377
679999Investors, nec, nec9,314
67999901Investment clubs457
67999902Security speculators for own account108
67999903Tax liens: holding, buying and selling108
67999904Venture capital companies1,446
67999905Real estate investors, except property operators7,195