Industry: 6798—Real Estate Investment Trusts
Establishments primarily engaged in closed-end investments in real estate or related mortgage assets operating so that they could meet the requirements of the Real Estate Investment Trust Act of 1960 as amended. This act exempts trusts from corporate income and capital gains taxation, provided they invest primarily in specified assets, pay out most of their income to shareholders, and meet certain requirements regarding the dispersion of trust ownership.

Mortgage investment trustsRealty investment trusts
Mortgage trustsRealty trusts
Real estate investment trusts (REIT'S)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
6798Real Estate Investment Trusts8,684
679800Real estate investment trusts7,572
67980000Real estate investment trusts7,572
679899Real estate investment trusts, nec1,112
67989901Mortgage investment trusts235
67989902Realty investment trusts877