SIC Industry Description

Industry: 6726—Unit Investment Trusts, Face-Amount Certificate Offices, and Closed-End Management Investment Offices
Establishments primarily engaged in issuing unit investment trusts or face-amount certificates; and establishments primarily engaged in issuing shares, other than unit investment trusts and face-amount certificate companies, whose shares contain no provision requiring redemption by the company upon request of the security holder. Unit investment trust companies (1) are organized under a trust indenture, contract of custodianship or agency, or similar instrument; (2) do not have a board of directors; and (3) issue only securities redeemable at the request of the security holder, each of which represents an undivided interest in a unit of specified securities, but does not include voting trusts. Face-amount certificates, sometimes referred to as guaranteed face-amount certificates, are essentially obligations of the issuing company to pay a fixed sum at a specified maturity date and usually require periodic payments by the purchaser.

Face-amount certificate issuingIssuing of face-amount installment certificates
Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) poolsManagement investment funds, closed-end
Investment funds, closed-end: management ofUnit investment trusts
Investors' syndicates
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
6726Investment Offices, Nec5,647
672600Investment offices, nec4,269
67260000Investment offices, nec4,269
672699Investment offices, nec, nec1,378
67269901Face amount certificate issuing34
67269902Face amount installment certificate issuing3
67269903Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) pools9
67269904Investors syndicates61
67269905Management investment funds, closed-end1,148
67269906Unit investment trusts123