SIC Industry Description

Industry: 6311—Life Insurance
Establishments primarily engaged in underwriting life insurance. These establishments are operated by enterprises that may be owned by stock-holders, policy holders, or other carriers.

Assessment life insurance organizationsInsurance carriers, life
Benevolent insurance associationsLegal reserve life insurance
Burial insurance societiesLife insurance
Cooperative life insurance organizationsLife insurance funds, savings bank
Fraternal life insurance organizationsLife reinsurance
Fraternal protective associationsReinsurance carriers, life
Funeral insurance
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
6311Life Insurance7,619
631100Life insurance6,329
63110000Life insurance6,329
631101Mutual association life insurance278
63110100Mutual association life insurance148
63110101Cooperative life insurance organizations35
63110102Fraternal life insurance organizations92
63110103Fraternal protective associations3
631199Life insurance, nec1,012
63119901Assessment life insurance agents85
63119902Benevolent insurance associations19
63119903Burial insurance societies10
63119904Funeral insurance27
63119905Legal reserve life insurance31
63119906Life insurance carriers759
63119907Life insurance funds, savings bank30
63119908Life reinsurance carriers51