65 - Real Estate
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
65Real Estate657,511
6512Nonresidential Building Operators149,973
651200Nonresidential building operators129,929
65120000Nonresidential building operators129,929
651201Commercial and industrial building operation12,305
65120100Commercial and industrial building operation12,138
65120101Bank building operation118
65120102Insurance building operation49
651202Property operation, retail establishment6,011
65120200Property operation, retail establishment2,215
65120201Shopping center, property operation only2,828
65120202Shopping center, super regional (more than 1,000,000 sq ft)330
65120203Shopping center, regional (300,000-1,000,000 sq ft)82
65120204Shopping center, community (100,000-300,000 sq ft)415
65120205Shopping center, neighborhood (30,000-100,000 sq ft)141
651203Property operation, auditoriums and theaters1,587
65120300Property operation, auditoriums and theaters205
65120301Auditorium and hall operation939
65120302Theater building, ownership and operation443
651204Property operation, piers and docks141
65120400Property operation, piers and docks31
65120401Lessors of piers, docks, associated buildings and facilities110
6513Apartment Building Operators101,903
651300Apartment building operators97,261
65130000Apartment building operators97,261
651399Apartment building operators, nec4,642
65139901Apartment hotel operation1,436
65139902Residential hotel operation414
65139903Retirement hotel operation2,792
6514Dwelling Operators, Except Apartments3,776
651400Dwelling operators, except apartments2,504
65140000Dwelling operators, except apartments2,504
651499Dwelling operators, except apartments, nec1,272
65149901Residential building, four or fewer units: operation1,272
6515Mobile Home Site Operators10,959
651500Mobile home site operators10,959
65150000Mobile home site operators10,959
6517Railroad Property Lessors67
651700Railroad property lessors67
65170000Railroad property lessors67
6519Real Property Lessors, Nec16,804
651900Real property lessors, nec10,706
65190000Real property lessors, nec10,706
651999Real property lessors, nec, nec6,098
65199901Airport leasing, if not operating airport74
65199902Farm land leasing4,179
65199903Landholding office394
65199904Sub-lessors of real estate1,350
65199905Mine property leasing101
6531Real Estate Agents and Managers326,744
653100Real estate agents and managers97,233
65310000Real estate agents and managers97,233
653101Real estate brokers and agents164,242
65310100Real estate brokers and agents127,630
65310101Broker of manufactured homes, on site280
65310102Buying agent, real estate2,030
65310103Escrow agent, real estate569
65310104Real estate agent, commercial11,025
65310105Real estate agent, residential20,930
65310106Selling agent, real estate1,778
653102Real estate managers23,042
65310200Real estate managers18,873
65310201Cemetery management service207
65310202Condominium manager3,202
65310203Cooperative apartment manager760
653103Real estate listing services1,639
65310300Real estate listing services844
65310301Multiple listing service, real estate795
653104Real estate leasing and rentals17,113
65310400Real estate leasing and rentals10,128
65310401Rental agent, real estate6,156
65310402Time-sharing real estate sales, leasing and rentals829
653199Real estate agents and managers, nec23,475
65319901Appraiser, real estate20,890
65319902Auction, real estate394
65319903Fiduciary, real estate656
65319904Housing authority operator1,535
6541Title abstract Offices9,260
654100Title abstract offices5,511
65410000Title abstract offices5,511
654199Title abstract offices, nec3,749
65419901Title and trust companies3,203
65419902Title reconveyance companies24
65419903Title search companies522
6552Subdividers and Developers, Nec30,488
655200Subdividers and developers, nec25,258
65520000Subdividers and developers, nec25,258
655299Subdividers and developers, nec, nec5,230
65529901Land subdividers and developers, commercial2,897
65529902Land subdividers and developers, residential2,333
6553Cemetery Subdividers and Developers7,537
655300Cemetery subdividers and developers4,164
65530000Cemetery subdividers and developers4,164
655399Cemetery subdividers and developers, nec3,373
65539901Animal cemetery operation166
65539902Cemeteries, real estate operation1,282
65539903Cemetery association740
65539904Mausoleum operation85
65539905Real property subdividers and developers, cemetery lots only1,100