Major Group: 65—Real Estate

This major group includes real estate operators, and owners and lessors of real property, as well as buyers, sellers, developers, agents, and brokers. Establishments primarily engaged in the construction of buildings for sale (operative builders) are classified in Industry 1531.

Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
Industry Group 651: Real Estate Operators (except Developers) And Lessors
6512Operators of Nonresidential Buildings152,772
6513Operators of Apartment Buildings102,238
6514Operators of Dwellings Other Than Apartment Buildings3,676
6515Operators of Residential Mobile Home Sites10,763
6517Lessors of Railroad Property69
6519Lessors of Real Property, Not Elsewhere Classified16,063
Industry Group 653: Real Estate Agents And Managers
6531Real Estate Agents and Managers338,589
Industry Group 654: Title Abstract Offices
6541Title Abstract Offices9,455
Industry Group 655: Land Subdividers And Developers
6552Land Subdividers and Developers, Except Cemeteries30,252
6553Cemetery Subdividers and Developers7,378