Industry: 6512—Operators of Nonresidential Buildings
Establishments primarily engaged in the operation of nonresidential buildings.

Bank buildings, operation ofOperators of nonresidential buildings
Insurance buildings, operation ofRetail establishments, property operation only
Lessors of piers, docks, and associated buildings and facilitiesShopping centers, property operation only
Operators of commercial and industrial buildingsTheater buildings (ownership and operation)
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
6512Nonresidential Building Operators149,973
651200Nonresidential building operators129,929
65120000Nonresidential building operators129,929
651201Commercial and industrial building operation12,305
65120100Commercial and industrial building operation12,138
65120101Bank building operation118
65120102Insurance building operation49
651202Property operation, retail establishment6,011
65120200Property operation, retail establishment2,215
65120201Shopping center, property operation only2,828
65120202Shopping center, super regional (more than 1,000,000 sq ft)330
65120203Shopping center, regional (300,000-1,000,000 sq ft)82
65120204Shopping center, community (100,000-300,000 sq ft)415
65120205Shopping center, neighborhood (30,000-100,000 sq ft)141
651203Property operation, auditoriums and theaters1,587
65120300Property operation, auditoriums and theaters205
65120301Auditorium and hall operation939
65120302Theater building, ownership and operation443
651204Property operation, piers and docks141
65120400Property operation, piers and docks31
65120401Lessors of piers, docks, associated buildings and facilities110