SIC Industry Description

Industry: 6531—Real Estate Agents and Managers
Establishments primarily engaged in renting, buying, selling, managing, and appraising real estate for others.

Agents, real estateFiduciaries, real estate
Appraisers, real estateHousing authorities, operating
Brokers of manufactured homes, on siteListing service, real estate
Brokers, real estateManagers, real estate
Buying agents, real estateMultiple listing services, real estate
Cemetery management serviceReal estate auctions
Condominium managersRental agents for real estate
Cooperative apartment managerSelling agents for real estate
Escrow agents, real estateTime-sharing real estate: sales, leasing, and rentals
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
6531Real Estate Agents and Managers427,784
653100Real estate agents and managers76,705
65310000Real estate agents and managers76,705
653101Real estate brokers and agents258,603
65310100Real estate brokers and agents155,060
65310101Broker of manufactured homes, on site221
65310102Buying agent, real estate2,142
65310103Escrow agent, real estate892
65310104Real estate agent, commercial23,610
65310105Real estate agent, residential74,631
65310106Selling agent, real estate2,047
653102Real estate managers32,319
65310200Real estate managers26,543
65310201Cemetery management service219
65310202Condominium manager4,824
65310203Cooperative apartment manager733
653103Real estate listing services2,184
65310300Real estate listing services1,527
65310301Multiple listing service, real estate657
653104Real estate leasing and rentals33,434
65310400Real estate leasing and rentals26,320
65310401Rental agent, real estate6,315
65310402Time-sharing real estate sales, leasing and rentals799
653199Real estate agents and managers, nec24,539
65319901Appraiser, real estate21,766
65319902Auction, real estate306
65319903Fiduciary, real estate621
65319904Housing authority operator1,846